Happy February!

Golden Glindas ~ Team Cathy

Hello TEAM!

Hey Ladies! I'm starting something new this year, and this is the first month! If you are receiving this email - you are on my 1st line. I will be communicating my monthly incentives, promotions, and kudos directly to you via this format. Honestly, January was a tough month for me, and I'm ready to get back in the game! So professing my goals to all of you just holds me accountable, so here it goes... My goals starting this month are for our team to earn Heart of Leadership, help 2 of you promote a career rank, & for all of you to be happy in your business.

On with the GOOD STUFF! ~ Incentives~

5 x 10 Challenge

Starting this month, when you sell $500 by the 10th of the month, I will be sending you a little treat from me! This month you will be getting Aveda Hand Relief!
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Sponsoring Challenge

Any of you want to grow your team? Doing this with friends is what keeps me going! Sponsor 1 person & have them qualified ($500) in retail sales by the 28th and you are going to get a pair of Tory Burch Flip Flops in your choice of color! If you need my help with someone that is interested... Let me know!
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Congrats to

  • Mandy Cundy $1142.50
  • Christie Heptig $1010.00
  • Casie Gunderson $686.98
  • Casey Wettstein $507

For qualifying last month and now are 1/3 of the way to $100 in product credit!

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Moving on...

So the goal for this month, or homework, I should say will be to review the "Words to Say" for the month (can be found in the lounge). If you don't do this already, carry mini look books,(old holiday books, anything!) in your purse and hand them to people that you meet while shopping, the waitress at the restaurant, someone you work with. Compliment someone and strike up a convo. Don't make the most stylish person in the room... you will make someone's day, and a genuine comment will take you far!

If people see you genuinely enjoying this business, they will want to join you...it's karma. I appreciate and love every one of you. My Stella family has helped me through some hard times, and I hope that you make the friendships that I have made in the future :)


Plan ahead. COME. It's amazing. That's all I have to say.