Marble Nails

Kyla Rae


  • Cup/bowl of clean room temp. water
  • 2 different nail polish colors (other than white)
  • White nail polish
  • Toothpick or nail
  • Roll of tape
  • Nail polish remover(suggest 100% acetone)
  • Minimum of 2 Q-tips
  • Paper towl or type of cloth
  • Patience


1. Need a clean, non-painted finger nail

2. Tape around full nail, just enough to surround nail

3. Paint nail with white nail polish & wait until it drys to proceed

4. Take 1st nail polish and drop one droplet of color into the center of the water cup/bowl (Have tops unscrewed for a quicker transfer)

5. Take 2nd nail polish and drop one droplet of color into the center of the 1st nail color droplet (try to be fast when droping each color)

6. Repeat steps 3 & 4 until colors look like a bullseye

7. Take nail or toothpick & start from the center of the bullseye & do motions with utensil

8. Once a design is made stick nail with tape around it, facing downward on the design & dip into the water for 7 seconds

9. Remove excess color on the waters surface with the tip of the toothpick

9. Take nail out of water carefully & blow softly

10. Remove tape around nail

11. Take a q-tip and dip one end into acetone and remove any nail polish that got onto skin

12. Look fabulous!

Take cute, eye-catching pictures to post them on Insta!

Marble can be done on every nail or just on one for fun!


Want to have the cutest nails? The marble nails are a new way to decorate your nails a easy, quick way without going to the salon. The wild, colorful illusion is a party on your nails. They're a fun way to accesserise my nails & have a cute girly look. Next time I do them I am going to try glitter nail polish to make them shine & sparkle. If florecent colors are used, they will stand out more than they already do! Be a trend setter!
Marble Nails

Thanks! Hope you enjoy!

Hand modeling credit: Kyla (Me)