Kindergarten News

January 10,2015

Happy New Year!

We have quickly gotten back into our routine after our nice long Christmas break! In Fundations, we have begun tapping out CVC ( consonant/vowel/consonant) words. Please ask your child to demonstrate and use this strategy when reading at home. In Fundations we will also be doing a quick review of upper case letter writing.

In Math, we have begun a brief unit reviewing 2-D and -3-d shapes. We had fun reading the story "Snowmen at Night" and drawing our own snowman pictures using shape templates. We also wrote stories about our snowman pictures!

In Science, we built worm jars in hopes to see composting in action! This week we will begin to investigate pill bugs and sow bugs!

Happy New Year!

News and Information

On Friday, we were invited to Miss Duff's First Grade class so first graders could share their new non-fiction reading strategies with our class!

Just a reminder: We try very hard to go outside every day regardless of the weather. Please send your child with appropriate attire to go outside in cold,rain or snow!

I have not heard when our class will be rehearsing for the All School Play. Kindergarteners practice during the school day so families do not need to get kindergarteners to rehearsal before or after school.

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