Digital Posters!

Please make use of this fun tool

We can create and send these digital posters.

AOSE just purchased an educator's subscription to Smore. This is a super easy-to-use service to create custom interactive digital posters.

These posters (like the one you're reading now) can be emailed to a mailing list, linked to in Google Classroom, saved as a PDF, or even sent out as a social media post (Twitter, Facebook, whatever).

Tons of stuff you can do in a Smore poster.

This isn't a traditional two-dimensional poster. Instead, think of this as a multi-media poster. For instance, you can add photos, embedded links, videos (below), even audio clips. You can add an event date that allows viewers to RSVP with a button. (It will also import to a recipient's Google calendar.) You can add a bio with contact info. You can embed a Google form into your poster, allowing you to survey recipients and collect data from their responses. You can add a button to a third-party service (i.e. PayPal).

Backgrounds, typefaces, color schemes...everything can be customized. Or you can work from Smore's library of templates.

Please let me know how I can help

Think about things you might want to communicate using this digital tool. Development projects, parent meetings, press releases, guidance announcements, alumnae outreach, community news, instructional items, etc. There are a lot of applications for this kind of publishing.

I love playing around with this stuff, and would be happy to either create these for you or give you a tutorial so you can make your own.

The Academy of Saint Elizabeth NJ