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Congratulations! You are now a defendant!

Well, not congrats. A plaintiff accused you of a crime. This means that you are going to court. Well, you will once a summons order has been filled out... When you are asked to meet in front of a judge, be compliant and agree.

Things are done before the trial itself

There is a pretrial conference between the judge and lawyers to discuss what should be presented to the jury. There is also a mediation to try to solve the dispute between the plaintiff and the defendant, or an arbitration where there is someone there to solve it.

At the trial itself, there is a preponderance of evidence, where the evidence from the crime or dispute is presented to the jury.

After the trial, there is a verdict, saying whether you are guilty or not. If you feel that the trial was unfair, you may request an appeal to be judged by a higher court of law.

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