To kill a Mocking Bird



One of the themes that i found in TKM was friendship.
Jim, scout, and dill are all friends. Jim and scout have been really close because they are brother and sister. Dill come to macomb to live with his aunt and Scout, and Jem become good friends with him. Scout and Dill are better friends because they are about the both age. Another example of friendship withe the neighbors and the finch family. This is an example because all of the neighbors are really close because they live in a small town like us and everybody know everyone.


Another example of theme is morals. In to kill a mocking bird you find the theme morals when the kids get into trouble and Atticus is scolding them and they tell him that what they did was bad because they have good morals. Another example boo radly because he knows that what he did was bad but he was never taught right.