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Digital Newsletter - December 2020

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Elementary School

Oley Valley Family Recipes - Click on the link above

To celebrate diversity in the Oley Valley, elementary school students participated in a read aloud activity during L:EAP. The book that students focused on is entitled, Fry Bread A Native American Story which was read by the author, Kevin Noble Maillard. The author shares with the reader how and why the recipe, Fry Bread, is very special to his family. The author also shares that Fry Bread is a recipe made all around the world, with a new twist around every corner of our globe! Students participated in this No Place For Hate reading lesson in order to celebrate diversity in children’s literature, before having the opportunity to share their own recipe online. Many students took time after the lesson to share a recipe that is special to them, with their OVES family. Upon receiving many submissions, all of them were put together into a website that is accessible to all of our Oley Valley families. Please take time to check out our website filled with wonderful student recipes and photographs! Hopefully you have some time to try out one of these delicious recipes from our student body!

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Nature Doodle - Very Talented Young Students!

Fifth grade students Reider S., Cynthia B., Luke Z., and Owen A. are assisting in painting a gigantic nature doodle that will house caterpillars and butterflies being created by our 1st and 2nd grade students in Art Class. The projects are part of an integrated art unit designed around the concept of transformation. Led by Mrs. Usner, Ms. Fries (KU student teacher.)

Middle School

Congratulations to the National Honor Society Inductees for 2020-2021

The following students were inducted in the Oley Valley High School Chapter of the National Honor Society on Thursday, December 3. A small ceremony was held in the high school auditorium and a recording will be shared with parents. We are excited to welcome this talented group of students!

Abigail Angelisanti

EliAnna Bermudez

Bailee Christman

Rian Daniels

Samantha Field

Charlotte Fisher

Hannah Gollwitzer

William 'Kit' Jackson

Kristina Kauffman

Gretchen Kimmel

Rebecca Kugler

Ava Lottig

Luke Macdonald

Andrew McMullen

Natalie Muir

Freya Oesterle

Alexis Ott

Abigail Reinert

Madison Robb

Kendall Rohrbach

Kylie Sanders

Corbin Teeters

Lia Vocu

Anthony Witt



Oley Valley High School

1st Quarter

Grade 12

Paul Bonargo

Aidan Hussar

Matthew Knowles

Wesley Martin

Myrra Small

Jackson Smith

Matthew Stahl

Bryan Wagner

Zain Wegman

Grade 11

Abigail Angelisanti

Kelsey Biehn

Samantha Field

Kristina Kauffman

Gretchen Kimmel

Luke Macdonald

Freya Oesterle

Lydia Simchick

Grade 10

Joelle Glick

Allison Hassler

Tetje Williamson

Grade 9

Cheyenne Endy

Sean Hoffman

Jessica Howard

Faith Meals

Lorelei Obst

Hunter Schlegel

Emily Seidel

David Turchi

Jonathan Turchi

Taylor Vaccaro


Grade 12

Camille Bertin

Amy Chen

Brynn Donoff

AshlanEve Fetter

Emma Gehris

Grace Good

Dylan Kelly

Makenzie Kramer

Ethan Liskey

Stacia Musser

Drew Rubendall

Parker Sarge

RayJeana Shultz

Samantha Vaccaro

Grade 11

Kailyn Moyer

Natalie Muir

Alexis Ott

Samuel Repko

Madison Robb

Kendall Rohrbach

Andrew Truong

Daniel Turchi

Julie Weidman

Grade 10

Jacob Bolig

Mary Carl

Kyra Dragan

Dean Fisher

Bethany Hauck

Isaiah Meals

Siera Pekuri

Carli Ronco

Laila Rothermel

Chase Rubendall

Isaiah Salen

Leah Steinmetz

Abigail Thompson

Olivia Thompson

Jacob Touti

Wyatt Ulsh

Jeron Zimmerman

Grade 9

Elin Bogia

Alizarin Capeland

Erin Day

Kaylee DeLong

Kenneth Derr

Vincent Dick

Charlie Donoff

Nathan Firek

Victoria Grim

Lauren Habakus

Robert Kowalski

Dana Messner

Brooks Muir

Zachary Reinert

Collin Remmel

Molly Shueman

Morgan Snyder

Sophia Touti

Joshua Wagner

Mahlon Weidner

Ryanne Wheeler

Alivia Witt

Mia Woodard


Grade 12

Bailee Christman

Cassidy Corbin

Jonathan Fleck

Lily Glick

Taylor Grim

Bridget Higgins-Haas

Karel Henrich

Morgan Hillegas

William Jackson

Asa Lackey

Daniel Lefko

Carly McCulley

Elaine Mortimer

Kylie Mossie

Addison Muir

Kelsey Wyatt

Grade 11

Gage Andreas

Kaziah Cullen

Graham Gernerd

Aaron Grim

Ava Lottig

Andrew McMullen

Abigail Reinert

Kylie Sanders

Ronald Seidel

Corbin Teeters

Lia Vocu

Anthony Witt

Grace Prout

Benjamin Reichert

Sandra Rosales

Autumn Wolf

Grade 10

Darius Bojan

Makayla Geist

Cenora Grim

Lillian Hetrick

Meghan Higgins-Haas

Jaden Kelly

Katie Kowalski

Ayden Kunkel

Alexandra Lopez

Noah Mackrella

Samantha Malone

Jordan Miles

Keith Neal

Claire Robertson

Lukas Ursoi

Grade 9

Paige Beaston

John Groves

Spencer Haines

Ethan Johnson

Noah Kelly

Alexis Keppel

Adrienne Kline

Hunter Leister

Enyer Llovera

Nicholas Palmiotti

Arabella Reinert

Allison Riley

Molly Rothenberger

Korra Sanders

Carter Smith

Avery Truckenmiller

Jack Wilkinson


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From Garden to Plate

Since 1932, Oley Valley FFA has been working hard to propose new ideas to make their program the most successful it can possibly be. Now integrating more Agriculture classes into Oley Valley High School’s curriculum, the FFA Chapter has been able to homogenize learning with giving back to the community. For the past several years, the FFA chapter and plant science classes have been working hard to plant, raise, and harvest a multitude of vegetables using raised beds, gardens, and the hydroponics system. A vast majority of the food is donated, the lettuce from the hydroponics system going directly to the school’s cafeteria to be incorporated into the student’s lunch. FFA members and the food science class are able to prepare tomatoes, string beans, peppers, and a large amount of other vegetables by washing, cutting if necessary, blanching, and vacuum sealing. The food packages are then labeled and donated to the food bank by the chapter. Incorporating hands on experience into the curriculum for Oley Valley students, they are also given the opportunity to make apple cider. They first learn about the process it takes to create the beverage before performing the lab. Following all safety precautions, the students cut, crush, pasteurize and bottle the cider over the course of several days. Each student is then permitted to take a sample of the cider home to enjoy with their family over holiday break. The remaining cider is given to the food bank for others to indulge in. Throughout several years, the Oley Valley FFA has been preaching involvement in the community. Donating produce to the food bank and making apple cider are only two of the very many ways to achieve that goal.


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For Athletic Schedules & Information visit www.ovlynx.org

*Please note that you can sign up on the athletic website for schedule change notifications which will send you an email or text message to alert you as soon as games are postponed.

Follow the Athletic Department on Twitter @OVLynx for varsity scores and highlights as well as live playoff contest updates each season.

Winter Season Update –

Due to COVID-19 mitigation efforts, all winter sports are currently paused until at least January 4th across the state of Pennsylvania. At this point, our practices will resume on January 4th, with contests then being able to start on January 8th. League and non-league schedules are currently being updated and will be posted on the athletic website as they become available. Presently, schools are not permitting any visiting spectators to any Winter events, and only can have a very limited number of home spectators. Oley Valley spectator procedures for our home contests will be shared with our teams before their first home contest. All events held in our High School gym will be broadcast on the NFHS Network (monthly subscription required) and we are working a way to broadcasting the events from our Middle School gym on the Oley Valley Lynx Athletics YouTube Channel.

NFHS Network Subscription Link:


Oley Valley Lynx Athletics YouTube Channel:


To find live-stream information for contests against other Berks County schools please visit the BCIAA website at www.bciaa.org and click on the Winter 2020 Livestream page. Most BCIAA schools will be broadcasting games on the NFHS Network or their own YouTube channels. Your subscription to the NFHS Network will give you access to any game in the United States that is broadcast on the NFHS Network.

Fall Season Highlights –

Boys Soccer captured their 2nd consecutive BCIAA championship and 3rd league championship in the past 5 years. The boys then went on to capture the District 3 Championship for the first time since 1993 and advanced to the PIAA semi-finals where they gave eventual state-champion, Lewisburg, their toughest battle of the season.

Field Hockey won the Division 3 championship and advanced to the BCIAA and District 3 Semi-Finals.

Ava Lottig placed 10th at the BCIAA Championship Cross Country Race, then 4th at the District 3 Championship and 27th at the PIAA State Championships.

Boys Cross Country qualified as a team for the District 3 Championship Race after finishing as the 2nd place 2A team at the BCIAA Championship Race.

Gunnar Wegscheider, Heidi Wegscheider, Autumn Wolf and Jessica Howard all qualified for the District 3 Golf Championship. Gunnar then qualified for the PIAA State Golf Championships where he finished tied for 10th place.

Congratulations to all of our Fall BCIAA All-Stars:

Boys Soccer:

Chase Reifsnyder – All-Conference, BCIAA Player of the Year, All-State, All-American East Regional Team

Alex LaVerdure – All-Conference

Matt Knowles – All-Conference

Dakoda Gundy – All-Conference

Evan Solley – All-Conference

Caleb Fatkin – All-Division 3

Eddie Standhardt – Division 3 Honorable Mention

Girls Soccer:

Faith Meals – All-Division 4

Savannah Wolf – All-Division 4

Lauren Davis – Division 4 Honorable Mention

Alexis Ott – Division 4 Honorable Mention

Emily Brownell – Division 4 Honorable Mention

Field Hockey:

Bailee Christman – All-Conference, 2nd Team All-State, All-State Academic Team

Samantha Vaccaro – All-Conference, 2nd Team All-State, All-State Academic Team

Kristina Kauffman – All-State Academic Team

Kayla Maciejewski – All-Division 3

Morgan Synder – All-Division 3

Tetje Williamson – All-Division 3

Taylor Vaccaro – All-Division 3

Alexandra Lopez – Division 3 Honorable Mention

Lauren Schaeffer – Division 3 Honorable Mention

Cassidy Drobek – Division 3 Honorable Mention

Team Academic All-State Honors

Boys Cross Country -

Wes Martin – All-Division 2

Leif Freed – Division 2 Honorable Mention

Parker Sarge – Division 2 Honorable Mention

Aaron Grim – Division 2 Honorable Mention

Daniel Lefko – Division 2 Honorable Mention

Girls Cross Country –

Ava Lottig – All-Division 2

Camille Bertin – Division 2 Honorable Mention

Golf –

Gunnar Wegscheider – All-Conference

Autumn Wolf – Division 2 Honorable Mention

Garet Blankenbiller – Division 2 Honorable Mention

Football –

Owen Maddocks – Division 2 2nd Team Offense, Division 2 2nd Team Defense

Jesse Strunk – Division 2 2nd Team Offense

Wes McCalpine – Division 2 2nd Team Defense

Current Spring Coaching Vacancies:

HS Assistant Track & Field – Throws

MS Head Track & Field

HS Assistant/JV Baseball

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12/23/20 Schools Closed - Teacher Professional Day

12/24/20 thru 01/01/21 – Christmas Holiday – Schools Closed

1/4/21 First day of school for 2021

1/13/20 School Board Combined Committee Meeting 7:00 PM

1/14/20 End of Second Marking Period

1/14/20 Winter Keystones – Literature

1/15/20 Student Early Dismissal: MS @ 12:15, HS @ 12:30, ES @ 1:30 Lunch is served

1/18/20 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day – Schools Open Snow Make Up Day

1/20/20 School Board Regular Meeting 7:00 PM

Oley Valley School District Board of Directors

David R. Pollock Jr., President

Robert A. Heckman, Vice President

Dawn Zackon, Treasurer

Eric Clemmer, Member

Nancy Jackson, Member

Darrell L. Markley, Ed.D., Member

Mary Lou Parry, Member

Ralph Richard, Member

Stuart Salen, Member

John M. Stott, Esquire, Board Solicitor

Maria H. Jones, Board Secretary, non-member

Oley Valley School District

The Oley Valley School District is an Equal Opportunity Employer and Educator who fully and actively supports equal access for all people regardless of Race, Color, Religion, Gender, Age, National Origin, Veteran Status, Disability, Genetic Information or Testing, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity or Expression and prohibits Retaliation against individuals who bring forth any complaint, orally or in writing, to the employer or the government, or against any individuals who assist or practice in the investigation of any complaint, or otherwise oppose discrimination. Compliance issues/questions should be directed to the Office of the Superintendent.