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How do we give you a better service than the other leading nail care service provider?


Lets say x is number of hours.

Then y is the amount of money you will be paying/spending.

Snazzy nails prices!!!

Equation of Line

Slope and y intercept form:



Standard form:

Ax + Bx + C = 0


Leading Nail Care Provider.

Equation of Line

Slope and y intercept form:



Standard form:

Ax + Bx + C = 0


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Solution - Solving for a Point of Intersection

To find out when the two salons will charge the same number of products sold, we must solve the linear system, which is essentially finding a point of intersection.

1. We can solve by graphing

Using the equations given for each line, we can graph each line using the y intercept and rise over run for slope.

Snazzy Nails Salon

y = mx+b


+5 is the y intercept so plot it

- Then use rise over run to graph the slope which is 7

- Graph the line

Leading Nail Care Provider

y = 5x + 10

- Repeat same steps

Then, using the 2 graphed lines, find the point of intersection. On the graph, the point of intersection is 2.5 hours spent on the nails which will result in you paying $22.5.

2. You can also solve these linear systems by substitution (algebraically)

y = 5x + 10

y = 7x + 5

Sub in one equation into the other and solve for x

7x + 5 = 5x + 10

2x+5 = 10

2x = 5

x= 5/2

x = 2.5

Now sub x back into any equation and solve for y

y = 7(2.5) + 5

y = 22.8

Therefore, the point of intersection is (2.5 , 22.5)

Snazzy Nail's Prices Compared to The Leading Nail Care Provider.


red line- leading nail care provider's prices

blue line- Snazzy nail's prices


Snazzy nails is cheaper until 2.5 hours (where the break even point is).

The break even point is (POI) $22.5 and 2.5 hours (2.5,22.5).

So at 2.5 hours both salons will charge you $22.5.

After the break even point the leading nail care provider is cheaper.

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