Bienvenidos a la clase de español 3H...

Me llamo....

Hola niños... me llamo Sra. Jeanne Pastorius y soy su profesora de español 3H para este semestre, bienvenidos! Estoy emocionada a conocerles, y les deseo una experiencia muy divertida. Para ponerse en contacto conmigo, aquí a continuación es mi información...
teléfono: 919.521.0261
email: jeanne.pastorius@ncpublicschools.gov
teléfono: 919.521.0261 text/call 24/7 all messages received after 10pm will be returned within 24hours.

office hours: Monday-Thursday 7:00 to 8:00PM
join remind.com! Text "@3hnrsesp" (no quotes) to tel. 81010 you will receive one way text messages from me for helpful reminders or encouragement! Have your parent sign up too!
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How do I....where do I ....? start?

Getting started is as easy as going to our homepage and finding the GETTING STARTED section right in the middle of the page! There is a video of about 40 minutes but it's really user friendly and if you watch it you will have the answers to many of your questions like:
  • where are the homeworks
  • how is my grade derived; grade breakdown and rubrics for tasks
  • what is an RLC
  • how do I use accent marks
  • how can I get extra help
  • the syllabus
Listen, HOMEWORK is a fact of life, and a critical key to your success. The hard part is staying on track! Click the google doc above here and find your week to week tasks and their precise due dates, it will help you stay on top of your work and let's face it, that's how you "kill the class" :)


Hey! Nobody said this was easy, if it were, it would be English! We know you're working hard, do not despair, NCVPS has something called the Peer Tutoring Center! Accessible from the top of our homepage, you can get FREE help. Tutoring, time management, technology or just somebody to hang by your side while you conjugate! Click the Peer Tutoring tab in the upper left of our homepage to find out more...AND you can even "like" them on Facebook! (see below)...

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The LEARNING block

At NCVPS we have something called the learning block. It is an announcement posted daily from your teacher. These are SUPER important to look at because:
a. they CELEBRATE student achievement every day... look for your own name!
b. they TEACH via shared grammar tips, including links to practices and/or other websites to improve your Spanish
c. they REMIND you of upcoming important dates, like deadlines or tips for success on projects, etc.
Where to find them? On the right hand side of our homepage, look for "Latest News" under the Map of South America...
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the RLC (Required Live Class)

The RLC will be a big piece of your learning experience, but moreso will be a big help to you as you progress through the semester. You must attend one live class per unit. You do NOT have to attend only your teacher's class, pick the class that fits your schedule. Take good notes, and be sure to complete the RLC homework, you get credit for your participation! The link below shows you how to access the classes, there is also a link on the right hand side of our homepage...