Kidney Stones

by Jacob Morris

Causes of kidney stones

often times kidney stones have no defiant cause but these stones form when urine contains more Crystal forming substances. such as - calcium, oxalate and uric acid that build up to form these stones.

Body System and Description

the kidneys are to small bean shaped that extract waste from blood, balance body systems and from urine. and is part of the urinary system. also a person can live a normal life with only one kidney but need to see a doctor more regularly and not play contact sports
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most small kidney stones can be passed just by drink large amounts of water and some pain relievers. but the larger stones may have to be taken out surgically or using sound waves to break them up this treatment is called "Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy".


The main way to prevent kidney stones would be to drink plenty of water threw out the day (about 2.5 liters). eat lots of healthy foods that are unprocessed and eat less oxalate- foods high in calcium.


1. In what shape are the kidneys in?

a. been



d. the shape varies

2. witch of these is NOT a treatment for kidney stones

a. drinking lots of water

b.drinking milk

d. none of the above

3.what body system is the kidney in



c. urinary

d. the back

4. You have to have 2 kidneys to live


false are born with only one kidney and then develop two



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