Wake County

About Wake County

Wake County was founded in 1771 and received its name in honor of William Tryon's Wife, Margaret Wake Tryon. There are 7 Counties that border Wake County, which are: Granville, Franklin, Nash, Johnston, Harnett, Chatham and Durham. There are 7 Board of Commissioners and the County Manager is Jim Hartmann.

Natural Landmarks!

In Wake County the most popular landmarks are the Hillcrest Cemetery and The Panther Branch Rosenwald School. The Hillcrest Cemetery has been around for quite a while. The Panther Branch Rosenwald School has been standing for 87 years.

Tourist Attractions in Wake County.

There are a lot of major tourists attractions in Wake County but I found that these three tourist attractions are some of the most popular.

County Seat Government / Attractions

In Raleigh ( The County Seat ), they have 1 mayor, 2 At Large's, and 5 Districts in their government.

Raleigh is known for a lot of things, but their Museums of Natural Sciences and Art are really popular because they've been around for a while and people like to know about history of things that occurred there.