Hello Gaiser families,

It has been a great start to the new school year. We are working hard at school to create a better community. We know that the last few years have been pretty hectic trying to navigate through the different parts of the pandemic. This year has started off well and we are so happy to welcome back all our students.

Our teachers have been working hard to build lessons to support your student in their learning. From PE, to math, to science and English Language arts, teachers are preparing lessons that are engaging and rigorous.

Our sports teams are also working hard and starting their competitions against the other middle schools. This fall we have cross country, football, flag football, and volleyball.

It has been a fun start to the year and I am glad to be a part of this Gaiser community for year two! Go Grizzlies!

Esteban Delgadillo



Dear Parent/Guardian of Middle School Students:

Timely arrival and participation in school is an important habit for students to develop and maintain. As such, the school will monitor your student’s arrival and attendance of classes.


· Skipping is considered not showing up for class at all, being 15 minutes late for class without a pass, or leaving class without permission.

· A tardy is defined as arriving to class after the bell rings without a pass. For ALL class periods except first.

· Consequences for repeated tardiness and/or skipping will be applied.

· Being tardy 5 or more times in one week is considered excessive.

· Students will be given a clean slate at the beginning of each week.

Consequences for Tardiness and Skipping:

When a student is late to class more than 5 times in one week or is found to be skipping the student may have a conference with their counselor, or administrative conference , and /or be assigned lunch detention, which may entail cleaning of school grounds.

Monitoring Tardiness and Skipping:

Parents/Guardians are encouraged to monitor their student’s timeliness and class attendance through the Skyward Parent Portal where attendance is recorded. Parents/Guardians may not always receive notification of your student’s consequence.

Thank you for your continued support.

Gaiser Middle School

Administration Team


  • Student ID card needed for entrance into sporting events

  • Students may attend with a parent or guardian

  • Visiting student spectators at away games may attend with a parent (sibling of a player there to watch with their family)

  • No food or drink in the gym

  • Positive cheers for all athletes is allowed

  • Stay in the bleachers

  • No re-entry after exiting

  • Students must leave campus after school before the game starts

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Monday, Sep. 12th, 5:30-6:30pm

3000 Northeast 99th Street

Vancouver, WA

Gaiser Band Instrument Rental is on Monday, September 12th. Drop in anytime between 5:30 and 6:30 pm. Our local music store, Music World, will be there ready to rent instruments and sell books and supplies to families of band students. Hope to see you there!


Reminder that starting on September 12th Monday's will be early release at 2:50 p.m.


When it comes to learning, every single school day counts. Research shows that attendance plays an important role in academic success, which affects success in life. Simply put, students must attend school in order to benefit from it.

Just two missed days of school every month, for any reason, can cause a child to suffer academically and decrease the chances that he or she will graduate. Absences add up—and subtract from learning.

If you need to report an absence or tardy


  • September 5th - NO SCHOOL

  • September 9th - Picture Day

  • September 20th - Curriculum Night

  • October 14th- In Service Day-No SCHOOL

  • October 19th- 2 hour early release- Parent/Teacher Conferences

  • October 20th- 2 hour early release-Parent/Teacher Conferences

  • October 21st- NO SCHOOL- Parent/Teacher Conferences

  • October 31st - Picture Retakes


This year, Gaiser Middle School is fortunate enough to have two restorative coaches on site: Dr. Amelia Kingsley and Mr. John Wise. We’ve been given the opportunity to contribute to the Gaiser Newsletter to help discuss restorative practices and what we are doing at GMS this year. Restorative coach is a newer role in the district, so this month’s Restorative Corner will help explain how we contribute to the Gaiser Way.

The role of restorative coach breaks down into three parts: 1) Resolving conflicts in school, 2) Helping to shape Gaiser culture and climate to prevent conflicts, 3) Implementing district policy as VPS becomes a restorative district. This means we spend a lot of time getting to know students and asking them to share why conflicts have developed, helping them have challenging conversations with peers and adults, and talking with students and staff to see how we can make Gaiser the most supportive place it can be.

That’s it for this month’s Restorative Corner- stay tuned for more information!

Your Restorative Coaches,

Dr. Kingsley and Mr. Wise


The Family and Community Resource Center (FCRC) at Gaiser Middle School is open to help families who may be struggling this year with providing school supplies. If your Gaiser student is in need, please have them visit David Sussman in the FCRC, Room #104, before or after school. Parents are also welcome to visit, or may contact Mr. Sussman at

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Gaiser Strings is GROWING! Get ready for an exciting year of fun! New students enjoyed a hands-on orientation with current and alumni students from both Gaiser and Jason Lee Middle School. Thank you to Kayden McKee, Isadora Douglas, Solomon Menendez, Liam Menendez, Sully Bial, Joy Cai, Elizabeth Galli, and Furious Hill for making it a special event. Students and families were exposed to the instruments, equipment, and students got to touch and feel all the instruments.

For more information click the link below!


Register your athlete on FinalForms beginning on Monday, October 3rd. Practice begins October 24th. Your athlete will need a current sports physical, so please plan accordingly to get those scheduled now if needed.

You may access FinalForms through our Gaiser website at

Early Winter Sports

Coed wrestling grades 6-8

Girls basketball grades 7-8