What's Been Happening in Room 212

February 9-14th

Science: Structures of Life

Last week we welcomed snails and crayfish to our room. Students have been having so much un discovering their habits and comparing their behaviors. We have had a few wars between the crayfish resulting in untimely deaths. Students have been making the snails cozy by decorating their homes.

Random Acts of Kindness Week

We celebrated International Random Acts of Kindness week with students embracing anonymity and truly trying to make someone else's day a bit brighter with our small acts. A few things we did was, write thank you letters to people we don't thank enough each day. We wrote compliments on post its and left them for people we care about, finally we wrote inspirational quotes on rocks and left them around campus, in shoes, outside classroom doors, on water fountains, in the hallways and next to book bags. It was so much fun for the students to check the spots they left their rocks in after the recess break, and know they made a small difference to someone.


There will be no school for students on Thursday February 19th, Friday February 20th this week.

Next Friday February 27th report cards will be available for viewing on powerschool.

Friday February 27th 1-2p.m in Chevron Theatre Music Celebration of Learning

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