New Animal discovered on Pandora

By: Mia Gibson


A new animal has just been discovered on Pandora. Scientists have named it a Hexapede. The Hexapede is a Zebra-like animals that has yellow and black stripes, 1 set of eyes, 2 small nostrils, 6 legs, a fan around the sloped skull, horns, and feathery scent organs.

The eyes help the animal see when it is going places and when there is a predator near. The 2 small nostrils are to help them breathe the chemical air that we humans can't. The Hexapede has 6 legs to help it run and maneuver quickly to help it catch prey and run away from predators. The fan around their head is flashed when the animal is in danger, the fan is designed to make the Hexapede look bigger and more intimidating. The horns can pivot and pull for a large threat display, the horns can also amplify the sound of nearby predators. A Hexapede also has feathery scent organs on each side of its skull, they are designed to sample the air as an early warning system to alert the animal to the presence of a predator.

The Hexapede is Heterotrophic. It eats tree bark and various types of leaves and berries. The Hexapede is a new animal that was discovered by a scientist named Quinton, He was on Pandora and traveling back to base when he spotted it. He then returned back to base to grab some other scientist to go back and get the animal to study it. They have just recently got back to the base to examine the animal, no new information has been released yet.