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How to Swaddle A Baby?

Swaddling helps your baby to have good peaceful sleep and provide secure feeling. Any blanket that is soft and comfortable can be used to wrap your baby. Usually, a blanket made out cotton or muslin is used to wrap around the newborn as both the material is soft and highly comfortable. There are different methods to wrap the baby. Which one is comfortable is left to your discretion and your experience. The blanket material should not be too thin and it should be thick enough to keep the baby cozy. Nowadays, you can get good quality baby blankets in the market. They are available in the standard size. Attractive color combination, soft material, preferably made out of cotton or muslin is there, allowing ample selection options for the newborn parents.

Now know how to swaddle your baby so that it can enjoy comfortable and peaceful sleep. Take the square blanket and spread it on the bed, it should be diagonal to you. Now fold the upper corner of the blanket so that almost 3/4th length of your baby. Place your baby diagonally on the blanket. The baby’s head should come above the folded corner. Now take the right hand corner of the blanket and tuck the corner of the blanket under the left side back. Then take the left hand corner and tuck it under right hand. Now take the bottom of the blanket and leave enough space for the baby to move its legs and tuck it on the back. Swaddling a baby requires a bit of practice, one or two trials and tips from a nurse in the hospital will be helpful to get the correct picture. You can take assistance from your friends or relatives to know more about swaddling.

Sometimes mothers prefer to use the sleep sack. It is another piece of wearable accessory you can use for your baby. The sleeping sacks are made for the newborn babies and you can use it till they are six to eight weeks old. Swaddling and sleeping sack keeps your baby safe and secure. It reduces the infant death rate drastically. Regulating the temperature of the baby and keeping it comfortable without exposing to harsh weather conditions is of high importance. This can be achieved through the use of suitable baby blankets.

Infant sleeping bags also work in the same way where you need not swaddle the baby using the blanket. Instead of wrapping using a blanket you can place your baby in the sleeping bag and cover them comfortably without disturbing them in any manner. The wrapping can be really hot, and it always depends upon the weather condition and the material you use to cover your baby. Selecting suitable material is of high importance to ensure the comfort and temperature.

Baby sleep sacks are available for the newborn babies and parents can use these bags till baby become four to five months old. After that period, there will be no need to wrap your baby. Make a Search to know more details about baby swaddling and baby blankets.

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