Busy Bees

Greetings Kindergarten Parents

The students had a very busy week voting, presenting their projects, learning about nouns and verbs, and adding and subtracting numbers amongst many other activities.

Voting for a President

Presenting to Class What They'd Do If They Were a President

What We've Learned This Week

Language Arts

1.Vowels (short & long I) and (short & long E)

Phonics: We focused on sounding short and long medial E and I through repetition and showing pictures of words that have medial short and long medial E and I.

2.Word Families (ill, ell, ine)

They listed rhyming words ending in “ell”, “il”, and “ine”

3.Parts of Speech (Nouns and Verbs)

The students distinguished between nouns and verbs, identified in a sentence, and sorted words into nouns and verbs.


They defined the word “President” on their vocabulary notebook.


1. Skip Counting by 5s

2.Money Value

  • They distinguished between pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters.
  • They identified the famous people in the front part of the coins as well as the symbols or places in the back of the coins.
  • They identified the value of each and began learning how to count each type (e.g. pennies/counting by ones, nickels/ skip counting by 5s…etc.)

3.Tally marks

They learned how to tally mark 1-20.

4. Subtraction

They were introduced to subtraction.

Social Studies

1. Thanksgiving

They learned about the first Thanksgiving.

2. Election

  • The students voted for a class president.
  • To strengthen their understanding of the election project and to practice their public speaking, the students presented the project to the other kindergarten classes.

3. People Migration

  • We briefly discussed the reason behind people migration.
  • We talked early immigrants, coming to America, and the hardships people faced.



  • We discussed Monarch butterflies migration.
  • The students made Monarch butterflies using construction paper, scissors, coloring pencils, and markers.


Fine Motor Skills

They practiced writing medial “ E” and “ I” words as well as writing complete sentences on their writing journals and on their Phonics book.

Sorting Nouns and Verbs

Math Centers

Questions to Ask Your Child

Language Arts

  1. Give examples of words with medial e or i.
  2. What rhymes ill, ell, and ine?
  3. What are nouns and what are verbs?
  4. Give example of a noun.
  5. Give example of a verb.


  1. How many pennies do you need to make a dollar?
  2. How many tens do x dimes make?
  3. Count x nickels (skip counting by 5s)

Social Studies

  1. Define the word “ President?
  2. What do presidents do?
  3. Who celebrated the first Thanksgiving?
  4. Who are pilgrims?
  5. Who are the Native Americans?
  6. Why do people migrate?


Where do Monarch Butterflies migrate to?


1. Thanksgiving Feast.

  • JK and all the Kindergarten classes are having a Thanksgiving Feast together (students only).
  • Each class is responsible for bringing/ making a food item for the feast.
  • Our class is responsible for providing beverages.
  • Please provide a 2 liter bottle of juice by Tuesday, November 24th..

2. Sterling Mobile Hope: Food Drive.

  • Please donate diapers, baby wipes, new toys, winter jackets, and/or canned food in the brown bag that your child decorated in school.
  • Donations are acceptable from November 23- December 4th.

3.November 25-27th

School is closed/ Thanksgiving break.