Marcus Matters

December 7, 2010


Our attendance has been fairly good for the first two six weeks. The first six weeks it was 97.3% and the second six weeks it was 96.5%. Comparatively speaking, that is about what it normally is for Marcus. However, please help me to continue to encourage our kids to be here. I know that there are times that it is frustrating when we are creating some of the absences with field trips and organizational competitions. That is obviously part of the day in the life of a high school. However, let's not stop reminding our students that more they are here, the better they do in a class. Engaging work will help them to want to come to school. The opportunity for them to create their learning opportunities is a chance for them to control their path in life.

EOC-Good Luck to our students and those staff members proctoring. Additional information can be seen on latest email from Teri Burgin.

1st attachment – Student Assignments

· This is a list of students testing each day (you should see 3 tabs after opening – one for each testing day)

· It is currently sorted by subject, grade level then last/first name

· Check this list before submitting attendance on testing days

· If a student is testing, thus not in your class, do not mark them absent

· There is also a “notes” column - this is probably more for me, but if a student has a question you can give them an answer or send them my way (example: I need four tests, how will I get this done in three days – the answer is next to their name in the notes section)

2nd attachment – Teacher Assignments

· This list of teacher assignments has changed since training due to unexpected events

· Look over closely and report to your duty according to this updated duty roster

Thursday, 12/10, is our only makeup day. I will notify students needing to make up an exam prior to Thursday. However, should they forget the testing room location or if they were absent on Wednesday, send them to A202 Thurs. morning.

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Marcus Holiday Party

World Language Staff having a great time at party last night.