The Jungle Book

Mrs. Knueven's Classroom Newsletter

Upcoming Events

3/21 Human Growth and Development

3/22 Margaret Peterson Haddix Visit

3/23 School Play

3/24 Wordly Wise 13 Test

3/24 WTW Quizzes

3/25 No School - Start of Spring Break

4/7 ZWMS Music Department Visits

5/12 Famous Hoosiers Wax Museum

Curriculum Corner

Language Arts

Grammar: This will be our last week reviewing Level 1 and Level 2 sentence analysis. We will begin learning about phrases after spring break.

Wordly Wise: 13 C&D due Wednesday. Test Thursday

WTW: Quiz Thursday

Writing: Most of the kids are done or close to being done with their first chapter of Famous Hoosiers. We will work on editing chapter 1 this week.


The kids are doing a great job with their projects! Some groups are done, while others are busy putting on the finishing touches. We will present the projects on Wednesday.


We have completed all of our science units! I sent science books home last week and they do not need to come back to school. We will be taking a break from science this week. When we return from Spring Break, we will spend some time reviewing 3rd and 4th grade standards in preparation for the next round of ISTEP+.

Indiana History

We will finish reading Unit 4 this week. The rest of this unit focuses on the years after the Civil War, including how farming changed, the growth of cities, and changes in education and labor laws. There will not be an assessment over these lessons.


We will spend this week of math working on our area and perimeter zoos. We will probably need the week after Spring Break to finish these up since we will have shortened math classes due to all of the extra activities this week.

Books for Margaret Peterson Haddix

Margaret Haddix will be here on Tuesday and has agreed to sign books for the kids. Each student may bring one book to have signed. This can either be the Running Out of Time book he/she received or another one of her books. We want to make the most of our time with her, so we are planning to have students put a Post-It note with their name on it on the front cover and she will spend time after school signing the books.

Parent Homework

On Friday, I sent home two purple forms that need to be filled out and returned by this Thursday. One is the music request form. You and your child need to decide which music class he/she wants to take in middle school. They ask you to rank them from first to third, but students always seem to get their first choice. The ZWMS music department will come over on April 7 to meet with the kids. The band and orchestra teachers will let the kids try a couple of intruments and will help them pick an instrument. If you have an instrument at home already that you would like your child to play, just make sure your child knows that so he/she can tell the teacher. Choir students will also get to meet the choir teacher and do some singing on that day. The second form has more to do with things ZWMS wants to know about your child.

Indiana State Museum Field Trip

We will be taking our final field trip of the year to the Indiana State Museum on May 6. We will be watching the IMAX movie Born to Be Wild and touring the museum. For this field trip, we can take 4 parents as chaperones with our class. In order to be a chaperone, we ask that you be able to commit to the following:

-All chaperones need to pay $5.50

-Ride the bus to and from the museum with the students

-Be willing to be in charge of a small group of students as they tour the museum

-Agree not to buy snacks from the concession stand or take your students to the gift shop. (This has lead to many issues in the past when we have asked students not to bring money and a handful of students get treats while classmates don't get any)

-Have a full background check on file

If I have more than 4 parents interested, I will draw from a hat to select who is able to go as a chaperone. If you are not selected as a chaperone, you are still welcome to meet us down there, but will have to pay the full price of admission ($9 for museum and $9.75 for IMAX).

Happy Spring Break!

I hope you all have a safe and relaxing Spring Break! I look forward to seeing the kids again when we return in April!