4th Grade Newsletter

December 14-18, 2015

Special Dress Code this week!

Don't forget about Holiday Spirit Week! Your child must bring in some pocket change each day to participate! The money raised goes to help a Nike employee who has been injured in an accident-- he helped work at our PSE Nike Elite Club this year!

See you in January!

We want to wish each of you a safe and blessed holiday season! We all feel truly blessed to get to spend our days teaching your kiddos and working alongside you to partner in their education! We hope that you take time to relax and enjoy yourselves over the break!

---- 4th Grade Team


We are in need of the following items for a craft for our December party THIS FRIDAY... You may send in at anytime and the teacher will keep until our parties. If you could send in items by Thursday we would really appreciate it, that way we can know what we need to prepared.

*cotton balls-- we need several bags for each class!

*orange and black foam

*20 oz. water bottles with labels we can take off (please just save your empty ones and we will clean and use!)

December Events

December 18th-- Career Day (Students may dress like a career they aspire to be)

December 18th-- Last day of school before winter break

What's going on in the classroom?


This week we are having fun with division! We are using QR codes (ask your child about it this week!) We are also playing division games and constantly practicing! Practice at home would be very beneficial as well. Division is a very tough skill-- the more practice the better!

Don't forget-- don't be scared to allow your child to use division strategies at home that may look weird to you! Those foundational skills will really help them to achieve mastery of the skill and also be able to truly explain what they are doing as they divide.

Reading and Writing

This week we are taking an assessment on the nonfiction skills we have covered during this unit. We are also finalizing writing pieces on weather and wrapping up all of our nonfiction work. Your students have done so much research during this unit it has truly been amazing!


This week we are investigating the question of - How does weathering and erosion change the look of Earth’s landscape? This week will involve lots of hands on research and data collecting! Try quizzing your student over their essential vocabulary one evening this week!