Final Project

Rebekah Ebertshauser

Lesson 1 &2

Lesson one was basically about ourselves, It was time for us to grow up and realize things on our own. We did a few class activities that made us look at our personalities and our potential. After finishing lesson one it showed me that i could do more with my life instead of being a failure. Lesson two was basically the same as one but more, we learned more about our ethics and our talents. One of the things i remember most is the fact that people spend more time planning their next vacation , than they do planning their future.

Lesson 3 (Carrer clusters)

In lesson three I learned that there are 16 different career clusters. I took several different types of quizzes to learn what career I was more advanced for.My number one career was photography which is exactly what I what to be anyways. I this unit was pretty accurate with what I want to be when I graduate.

Lesson 4 Entrepreneurship

Lesson four was all about being an entrepreneur as you career. This time I learned how to start A successful business which may sound complicated but really isn't as hard as it sounds. I also learned that if you have a well maintained business and you pay attention to you customers you are likely to get regular, loyal customers. we made a prevention over a famous entrepreneurs for out project.

Lesson 6 : Interview

In lesson six i learned what to and what not to do during an interview. for example don't wear outside clothing during your interview, this includes hoodie, jacket, gloves. I also learned that you should have good posture during an interview. Interviewers are not allowed to ask any personal questions such as how many kids you have. Other questions there not aloud to ask are about race, age, or marital status. If asked these question it could be qualified as discrimination .

Lesson 7: Ethics

In lesson 7 we learned about ethics in the workplace. we watched a movie call civil action and learned about the unethical behaviors that happen in a workplace I learned that instead of one type of sexual harassment there two. theres Harassment: Pocketbook and hostile environment . Pocketbook harassment is when someone threatens another employees finances. Hostile harassment happens when no real threats are made but someone feels uncomfortable in their current work environment. I also learned five times on how to be a better listener and all five are listed below.