2P "Team Pikachu" Newsletter

October 3 - 14, 2016


  • Respect Week! All sorts of activities, books, and conversations around showing and being respectful!
  • Visit from the school counselor, Miss T! Miss Tavaglione stopped by the class and gave a lesson in friendship.
  • Our 2nd visit from Mrs. Wallace! The students had an opportunity to explore coding with the Chromebooks!
  • We also got a little inspiration from Shakira and Zootopia with her song "Try Everything!".
Shakira - Try Everything (Official Video)

Respect Week!

We've been busy with all kinds of Respect Week activities! We have decorated our door with a "Web of Kindness and Respect". We each created a paper spider and thought about the ways in which we could be kind and respectful. We paired this project with a "web of kindness" activity where we used a ball of yarn to create an actual web pattern. Each person would say something kind about another friend in class and toss the yarn to that person. We continued until each person had been included! It's a visual representation of each kind word and thought!

We also created a Wall of Kindness where each student chose a classmate's name at random and wrote something kind about each person. They included comments like "He is a really nice friend", "She shares with me", "He is really funny and makes me laugh". Each sentence strip is now posted on the wall as a reminder of our respect for each other!

Along with the other 2nd Grade classrooms we were responsible for coming up with rules for the bathroom. What a fantastic, lively, discussion! The kids brainstormed ideas and then narrowed it down to 3 main rules. They then presented these rules at the Respect Assembly on Friday. Well done, 2nd grade!!

Paws for Respect! As part of a school wide effort to encourage respect, each student earns a paw print each time they are seen being respectful. At the end of the month, Miss T will chose students from each grade to receive a prize to recognize their respectful behavior. The more paw prints per student, the greater the chance that they will win!


We continue to practice different strategies to strengthen our comprehension. We have practiced our "close reading" skills by reviewing books that we have read as a class and identified characters, setting, problems, and solutions. In addition, we have reviewed and learned how to identify the main points when retelling the beginning, middle, and end of a story. We are working on close reading another story with a partner and will create a poster to reflect our understanding and ability to re-tell the main parts in our own words.


We have been busy putting the finishing touches on our first small moment stories! We have added thought bubbles to our pictures, fancy words, details, and edited our pieces for for capital letters and punctuation. We have even thought of a big, bold title! We will share our books at our Writer's Celebration next week!

In the next unit, we will continue honing our writing skills by choosing another Small Moment and zooming in on the important and interesting details!


We are continuing in our second unit: Adding within 1,000. We added three digit numbers without re-grouping and have now started adding with regrouping (what we used to call "borrowing") in the ones and tens places. This builds on the place value foundation we learned in unit one.

To help with their math facts we reviewed number bonds and fact families. Please encourage your child to practice their math facts, especially to 10, at home. There are lots of apps and games on my website if you're interested. The 10 and 20 frames that were sent home at the beginning of the year are also super helpful for practicing facts.

We also got in the Halloween spirit by making Batty Bonds! We traced and cut out three black paper bats. The children each thought of their own number bond (any 3 numbers that be added or subtracted together) and then wrote each number on the belly of a bat. They are flying down the hallway!

Social Studies and Science

We have completed our Bully Busting unit by talking about what students can do to be "upstanders". This means that if they see someone being intimidated either emotionally or physically that they do their best to stand-up to the bully. We read a beautiful story called "Oliver Button" by Tomie dePaola about a boy who likes to dance and shows his bravery and resilience by continuing to dance even when the kids make fun of him. Some of the children even clapped at the end!

We continued our science unit by discussing the different types of weather that exist, creating a weather folder, and identifying the differences between daily weather changes and the larger weather changes we see in the seasons. We discussed how Earth rotates around the sun and that it is the tilt of its axis, not the distance from the sun, that determines our seasons. We will exploring temperature and how to read both Celsius and Fahrenheit on a thermometer next week.

NASA has a cool website for kids, if you want to check it out! See the link above.