President Garfield's Assassination

By: Chloe Cobb

High School Curriculum

The assassination of President James Garfield should be included in the high school curriculum because it was during a significant time when this special president was elected, doctors caused problems they did not even know about, and a desperate and eager man made a big mistake.

It Was a Significant Time When This Special President Was Elected

When President Garfield was growing up he was a very smart man. He took control of his life, because of how he grew up in poverty, and put himself through college.

Doctors Caused More Problems Than They Knew About

When Garfield was shot, one of the bullets grazed his arm and the other lodged behind his pancreas. Doctors couldn't find the bullet that was by his pancreas and continued to but their unclean hands and instruments into the wound. Doctors back then didn't know germs existed. This eventually caused infections, and doctors now say he would have lived if they left the bullet alone.

A Eager Man Made a Big Mistake

Charles Guiteau was the man that shot the president because he was upset he wasn't appointed to ambassador of Vienna. It was not totally the presidents fault but Guiteau must have thought something different. Guiteau was then convicted of murder and hung.
The Assassination of James Garfield