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Inspired this week by MOTHERS!

I hope that everyone enjoys their Mother's Day!

As teachers, you are often "mothering" your students as well! How fitting that Teacher Appreciation Week and Mother's Day are the same week, as they go hand in hand.

Thank You!

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  • Remember Confidentiality!

  • Class Lists for 2016-17 due by Friday, May 13th

  • Summer Maintenance Requests Due Friday, May 13th

  • Elementary Library will CLOSE May 16th;
    ALL books are due May 20th!

  • Staff End of Year Party is next week, Wednesday, May 18th!

Elementary Events this Week

Monday--STAAR & Field Trips

Tuesday--STAAR & Field Trips

Wednesday--STAAR; Kelly De la Garza Bridal Shower

Thursday--Lindsey Duty Baby Shower

Friday--EAFK Knighting Ceremony

STAAR Spirit Reminders!

Remember to give a little spirit to our STAAR Testing Students, especially this BIG WEEK of Testing!

Kinder--4th Grade Testers (May 9,10)

1st Grade--3rd Grade Testers (May 9, 10)

2nd Grade & PreK--5th Grade Testers (May 9,10 Retest; May 11 Science)

Scheduled Field Trips

May 9--1st & 2nd (McKinny Roughs)

May 9--Prek & K Local

May 10--PreK (Jersey Barnyard)

May 10--1st & 2nd Local
May 12--3rd (Aquarena Springs)

May 17--5th (Flatonia Museum)

May 19--Pk/K (Dino Park)

May 24-3rd-5th (Splashway)

May 24-1st & 2nd Water Day Local

What your Literacy Block is Missing!

Check out this Blog Post...Lots of Ideas of how to get your Listening Center rolling!

A listening center is crucial for any reading block. Starting out teaching I felt this would be an impossibility for my classroom and had so many unanswered questions - how much? how do I get stories? Where does it go? How do I fit it in?

Here's my solution to get a listening center into every classroom! All you need is an internet connection and 1 ....

....... Click Here to continue reading

Wonderful Websites and Web 2.0 Resources

You Might want to check out Vocab Ahead!

This is a great site that links to lots of educational videos that help students understand advanced vocabulary words. Very helpful for students who struggle with vocabulary!

EAFK Character Trait: Confidence

The month of May, our character trait is Confidence.

Our next Knighting Ceremony will be Friday, May 13th.

Please note the following Due Dates:

Monday, May 9--Accolades due to office

Friday, May 13 Ceremony; 2 virtues

Nicole Ramirez, M.Ed. Principal

I strive to be a Connected Educator that uses my online PLN to access resources, ideas, and information. I often participate in Twitter Chats, visit blogs, and follow Educators online. I believe this helps me to grow professionally, and continually learn. I hope that the Inspirations Memo can provide you with ideas, information and resources you can use. I will aspire to be the Lead Learner for our Campus, and I hope you will join me in learning.