Fascism Government

In favor

What is Fascism Government?

In fascism government the whole country is more important than one person. This government is run by one leader.

Who is the head of this type of government and how were they chosen?

Adolf Hitler, the leader of Germany, won 30% of the votes to become president, forcing a runoff election.

Are there rules or laws in fascist government?

In fascist government, there are directives. If you didn't follow them, you would be executed.

Can citizens vote?

Almost all colored citizens can't vote.

Examples of the places that currently have fascist government

Germany, Italy and Spain.

Why am I in favor of fascist government?

I am in favor of fascist government because there is only one leader. If you are that leader, you have complete power of the state. You can make all the directives and you can execute the people who don't listen to you. Who doesn't want to have complete power over everyone and everything? It has to be awesome to be the leader in a fascist government!