Pearson Early Childhood

2022-2023 Back to School Newsletter


Dear Pearson Parents,

We wanted to take the time to personally welcome you and your child to Pearson! We are excited to have your child begin their PreK year with us.

We are eager to get to know your child and look forward to partnering with you to help all students at Pearson reach their fullest potential! We know this will be a year of adventure and growth. We are here to assist and support you in every way possible. Please don't hesitate to contact either of us and/or your child's teacher with any questions or concerns you have. We look forward to our first day of school on Wednesday, August 10th!

We understand there is a lot of information coming your way. Please read through this Back 2 School Newsletter carefully and save a copy of it! This information will help prepare you and your child for a successful start to your PreK year.

Please mark your calendar for beginning of the year events for both parents and students!

See you soon,

Mrs. Haugh & Mrs. Murray

IMPORTANT: Classroom Teacher Announcements

The name of your child's teacher will be released to you through Parent Portal beginning Tuesday, August 2nd at 8 AM, if you have completed all of the necessary enrollment paperwork.

If this paperwork is not complete, your child is not fully enrolled in school and you will not be able to view your child's teacher.

Please ensure you have registered for a Parent Portal account and completed both the Emergency Card and Registration forms prior to August 4th. Instructions for completing these steps are below.

The campus will not be able to provide you the name of your child's teacher until the enrollment process is complete. Once completed, you can view your child's teacher in Parent Portal beginning 8/2.

School Hours

Pearson's school hours are 7:55AM - 3:00PM.

We will begin receiving students each day at 7:45AM. Please build healthy habits now and make a plan that will allow your child to be on time to school each day.

State of Texas laws require all students to be in attendance every day school is in session and present on time each day once they begin public school.

PreK School Supplies

While our online school supply sale has ended, you can still purchase a School Supply Pack in one of two ways! The school supplies are bundled and contain EVERYTHING your child needs for their classroom.


  1. We've got you! We have a LIMITED number of supply packs for sale during Meet the Teacher on Tuesday, August 9 from 8:00-9:00 AM. These supply packs are a deal at $45.00+tax and are first come, first serve until we are sold out! Purchase can be made by Cash or Check in the Pearson Front Office. We cannot accept credit card payments.
  2. Order a supply pack online through EPI and have the supplies shipped to your home. To do this CLICK HERE and enter School ID: PEA038. Click the "Order Your Supplies Now" button and complete your order. Supply packs using this method are $50.07.
  3. You can always purchase your own supplies at a local supply store. CLICK HERE for a copy of our Pearson 2022-2023 School Supply List.
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Order Your Pearson Spirit Shirt

Pearson shirts are on sale now for the 2022-2023 school year. We encourage staff and students to wear their Pearson shirt every Friday to show their school spirit.

Our shirt sale ends on September 11th, so get your orders in before it's too late. Parents and community are welcome to order Pearson shirts in adult sizes as well!

Shirts are available at a cost of $12.00 through the below website. Order yours today!

Click here to order: 2022-2023 Pearson Shirt Orders

Note: The order form will ask for a teacher name, if you have not yet been assigned a teacher, please mark this "None" or "N/A".

First Day of School Procedures

We are excited to welcome students to our campuses on August 10, 2022. Only on the first day of school parents may walk their child to the classroom from 7:35 - 7:55 AM. Parents will be promptly asked to exit the building by 7:55 AM so our students can start their day.

Students arriving after 7:55 AM will be escorted to their classroom by campus staff. Parents will not be permitted to visit classrooms after 7:55 AM.

Given this, it will be important for you to attend Meet the Teacher on Tuesday, August 9th from 8-9AM to receive student name tags, backpack tags, carpool tags and other information to ensure you and your child are ready for the first day of school.

We ask that you bring your child's backpack with you to Meet the Teacher. At this time, your teacher will secure a backpack tag to your child's backpack that will help us know your child's name, classroom, teacher and emergency contact information.

We thank you for your support in following and ensuring adherence to safety measures for our building and our students.

Arrival and Dismissal

Arrival and dismissal always take more time the first few weeks of school. Please prepare and allow for this additional time. As students and parents learn the school routine, we become more efficient! We will continue to refine procedures to reduce wait time for parents. As students grow more independent, these times will also improve. Thank you for your continued patience with us during this "learning" process.

Please remember that for student safety around moving vehicles, at Pearson we do not have student/parent walk-ups during arrival and dismissal. Students may arrive and dismiss from school via one of two methods: carpool and/or bus. Parents are unable to "walk up" or get out of their car to come into the building during arrival/dismissal to pick-up their child.

If you have a need to talk to the office staff and/or a classroom teacher please call or email the appropriate school staff member and set-up a time to do so. Staff cannot be called from their arrival/dismissal duties to communicate with parents. Similarly, staff at arrival are unable to communicate messages back to your child's teacher for you. If it is not an urgent matter, you may email the teacher. If it is an urgent or time sensitive matter, please contact the front office via phone.


Arrival and Dismissal Map and Information

Click Here - You may want to print a copy and bring with you on the first days of school.

Arrival Procedures

Please read all details of the attached "Arrival and Dismissal Map and Information" (above) carefully. We suggest you study this, print it off, and know all carpool procedures to ensure a positive experience with these procedures.

If Your Child is Reluctant to Exit Your Vehicle

If your child is hesitant and unwilling to exit your car, you will be asked to park in one of the available parking spaces and help soothe and talk to your child. Once carpool has completed, and additional staff become available we will work with you to transition your child into the entrance of the school.

If Your Child is Late to Arrive

If you arrive to Pearson after the 7:55AM bell, your child will be considered tardy. This is documented on their attendance record. You will need to park in one of the available parking spaces. You must walk with your child to the entrance of the school and push the buzzer to alert the front office staff you are here. You will be asked to come into the office to sign your child in.

Dismissal Procedures

Dismissal via Bus

Bus students will be walked to the bus dismissal area beginning at 2:52 PM and staged in the hallway for loading onto the bus. Please note the times you have for PM bus drop-off are approximate and may vary, especially at the beginning of the year. Transportation will become more efficient with routes, routines and procedures. We work diligently to adhere to bus times and communicate changes to you as quickly as possible. Parents MUST be at the bus stop to receive their child from the bus driver. A child will not be left at a bus stop without a guardian present. Older siblings are not allowed to retrieve PreK students from their bus. An adult MUST be physically present AND present your student's car tag to the driver at the bus drop location in order for the driver to let your child off the bus. Please understand these protocols are in place for your child's safety.

Dismissal via Carpool

Please make sure you are in the appropriate dismissal carpool line to receive your child. We will not have staff available to escort students to others doors should you be in the wrong location. If this happens, you will be asked to follow the flow of traffic and join the correct carpool line. You must have your carpool tag visible to staff in order to receive your child.

Arrival and Dismissal Exceptions

The only exception to carpool procedures will be for parents who live in the immediate surrounding neighborhood who can physically walk to the school to pick-up/drop-off their child.

Parents who are requesting this exception should see Mara Gurnea, Pearson Secretary, who will verify your address to ensure the family home is located within .5 mile of the campus. If approved, your car tag will be marked to allow walk-up pick-up and drop-off of your child.

Please note this is the ONLY exception to carpool pick-up and drop-off for families.


We ask that all parents follow all state safety laws while on Plano ISD property and interact with staff and other families in ways that display safety and respect. We know that you want others to support a warm atmosphere for your child and we ask that you do the same for others.

1) Please do not video or take pictures while in the carpool line.

  • This is a violation of cell phone law and safety issue.
  • You could be exposing our safety processes when these videos are shared or posted which cause risk to the safety of our entire community.
  • Your photos will contain images of other children and staff that have not given their consent to be photographed.

2) We ask that you model safe behavior at all times for students.

  • Please use the crosswalk to cross the carpool lane.
  • Please adhere to verbal directions from staff including looking both ways before crossing a lane of traffic and waiting for the okay to cross from any staff crossing guard.

3) Please communicate respectfully in any interactions with staff.

  • We know there can be frustration in not understanding processes or events that may be occuring. We will work to minimize these and provide you with all the necessary information to ensure a smooth year. Please help us by following the routines and procedures each day. We promise all of our process are in place to ensure safety for all and an environment that supports learning and engagement for each child.

General Education Bus Routes

General education student bus routes are posted below. PK busing is not available to and from all campuses in Plano ISD. We do have limited bus transportation to/from the elementary campuses outlined below.

Special Education bus routes and times will be shared with individual parents through your child's classroom teacher at a later time and date.

If you have questions, concerns, or need information about anything related to busing throughout the year, this is handled by Plano ISD Transportation Department. Please call them at: 469-752-0792. You may want to store this number in your phone contacts for quick access.

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Transportation Communication to Families

Transportation has created a link to help communicate late bus information to families. This link will be updated on an as-needed basis to notify parents and school personnel of bus delays of more than 30 minutes. NOTE: Buses will still go by the bus stops. Please check back often in the morning and the afternoon for the most up-to-date information.

Student Name Tags

For safety reasons, each student must wear his/her nametag every day.

Your child will not be allowed to ride the bus without a nametag.

If your child arrives at carpool drop off without a nametag, they will be given a temporary tag for that day only. Lost nametags will be replaced at a cost of $3.00.

We ask students and families not attach cute stickers or other items to the child's name tag. The purpose of these tags is for safety & security of your child. It's critical that adults can see all of the information listed on the tag. If stickers are added by anyone other than the classroom teacher, we will ask that you pay a replacement fee for another tag at the cost of $3.00.

Campus Guests and Visitors

Parents and campus visitors will not be allowed past the front office unless a Volunteer Application and background check verification is on file with the district. You are asked to communicate as much as possible through phone or email with the office staff and through phone, email or SeeSaw with your child's teacher. Our staff will do everything possible to make ourselves available to you through these channels.

Please consider completing your Volunteer Application and background check forms early so that you are able to join us for events that occur on campus.

Here is a link to our Plano ISD Volunteer Application:

Please ensure you select Pearson Early Childhood as your volunteer campus. Background checks can take up to 14 days to process. Please don't wait until the last minute and miss a special event due to not being cleared.

Meals at School

We serve breakfast and lunch during the school day to all students at Pearson. Breakfast at Pearson is free of charge for the 2022-2023 school year, however lunch will cost a daily fee unless you apply and your child qualifies for the Free/Reduced-Lunch Program.


Menus can be found on the Food and Nutritional Services website.


Breakfast is an optional meal for your child. Breakfast will be served to students where parents have indicated they want their child to have a school breakfast on the given day. Please complete the Student Meals & Dismissal Form (linked below) to indicate if you child will eat breakfast.

Breakfast will:

  • Be eaten in the classroom
  • Be some combination of cereal, milk, juice, fruit cup, piece of fruit
  • Only hot item on one day of the week
  • All items will be packaged in a bag and there will not be a choice of items

Students will be assigned a location to eat their breakfast in the classroom.


Each child has the option to bring a lunch from home or purchase a cafeteria meal daily.

Lunch will:

  • Be consumed in the cafeteria
  • Include an entree, veggie, fruit, and choice of milk. Students will receive all items.
  • Be served on a disposable tray.
  • There will not be choice of food items on M-Friday. Friday is a meatless day.

Cafeteria Protocols for Lunch

  • Students will be assigned a seat at at 60" round tables. Students will sit in the same location each day they visit the cafeteria.
  • Tables will be disinfected between each student seating by the custodial staff.
  • When sending a lunch to school, please send only packaged items in containers students can open independently.

If you have not already done so, please complete this FORM to help us prepare for meals as well as arrival and dismissal.

Apply for Free/Reduced Lunch

The United States Department of Agriculture waiver that allowed Plano ISD to provide free meals to all students during the 2021-22 school year has expired. Plano ISD will resume charging for meals during the 2022-23 school year based on student eligibility for meal benefits.

Families who may qualify should complete a federal meal application for free or reduced-price meals, available through Parent Portal or via the website at Click the green SchoolCafé button to begin.

Families who already have a SchoolCafé account can log in to complete the meal application. Families who do not have an account can create one by selecting that option on the main SchoolCafé page. View this SchoolCafe information video for instruction on how to complete the application.

Pack a Snack for Your Child

Students do participate in a daily snack time in the classroom. This time varies for each classroom depending on when the classroom is scheduled for breakfast and lunch. We encourage healthy snacks each day. Students should bring an individual, sealed snack item each day for their own consumption. Snack items could include individually packaged gold fish, crackers, celery or carrot sticks, apple slices, banana, pretzels, etc.

Communal snacks are not allowed at this time and we are unable to accept snack items in bulk for a child. Students really enjoy this time with their peers. Please remember to pack an item for your child daily, as the staff will be unable to provide a snack item to students if you forget to send one in with them.

Peanut butter and/or nut products are not allowed due to the number of food allergies. Please do not pack any snacks or lunch items containing nut products.

Food Allergies at Pearson

We have many students with severe peanut allergies. Due to this, peanut butter and/or nut products are NOT allowed due to the number of food allergies among students on campus.

Please do not pack any snacks or lunch items that contain nut products. This is critical to protect the health and safety of all students.


Any child who has an allergy, must have on file with the school a Dietary Restriction Form signed by a doctor. The form needed is attached below. If you child has medical dietary restrictions we will need this form in order to substitute or limit foods served during the school day to your child.

Nap Time

There is a nap time/rest time each day. Each student will be assigned an individual nap mat that they use throughout the year. Nap mats will be disinfected daily.

Students may bring a small personal nap mat or blank and small pillow for nap time to use on top of the school nap mat. These items should be of a size that the child can carry independently along with their backpack/lunch box. Therefore full size sleeping bags and full size bed pillows would not be appropriate. Items that could fit within the backpack and/or that a child can hold independently are ideal.

Your child will be expected to quietly remain on his/her mat. In our experience, most children fall asleep during this time. Please start preparing your child for this now. Help them pick out a small blanket and small pillow to use at school. Send in the blanket and pillow on the first day of in-person school. We will send it home every Friday for washing (or sooner if an accident happens).

Pack Your Child's Water Bottle Daily

Please send a water bottle filled with water each day. An 8-12 oz bottle is the perfect size, we can refill it as needed. Please ensure the water bottle is labeled with your child's name.

Water bottles will be sent home each afternoon for you to clean and refill the next day. A no-spill, closable bottle with a straw/spout is recommended, please make sure your child can open and close it independently.

Pack Extra Clothes

Please place a full set of extra clothes in a zip lock bag to be left at school. A full set of clothes includes: shirt, pants AND shorts, underwear, and socks. A pair of flip flops or extra shoes would be helpful as well. Accidents happen even to the best of us and we want to be prepared to help your child. Please label your child's bag of clothes with their name.


PreK students will participate in recess daily, weather permitting.

  • Students will be able to use the playground equipment.
  • Teachers will monitor student interactions and encourage social distancing.
  • Classroom groups have been assigned a recess time to limit the number of students on the playground at any given time.

Sign the Park Permission Form for Your Child

Pearson Early Childhood Students occasionally walk or ride tricycles to Clearview Park, which adjoins the school grounds. They go under supervision of teachers and teaching assistants.

Please complete this permission form for your child in order for them to join their class to the park. If you have questions regarding park visits, please contact your child's teacher.

Celebrating Your Child's Birthday at School

We have a unique way of celebrating birthdays at Pearson that aligns with our instructional program! Due to the many food allergies of students and in alignment with COVID precautionary manners, we do not consume food products to celebrate student birthdays. We do allow students to bring their favorite book from home for the teacher to read and share with the class. Students also have the ability to select a book from the Pearson library if you do not have a favorite book at home. In addition to sharing his/her favorite book, the birthday child will

have the opportunity to create something special to wear at school. And, of course, the class will sing “Happy Birthday”!

Please note, teachers are unable to distribute private party invitations in the classroom or via email to other students within the classroom, per district policy. In addition, students are not allowed to bring in party treats, party favors, or goodies to hand out to classmates in celebration of their birthday during the school day. We understand this is a special day for your child and ask that you reserve these celebratory treats for any private party you may have at home.

Student Medications

All medications that need to be taken at school must be brought to the clinic by the parent. Students are not allowed to transfer or posses any medications, vitamins, or herbal substances.

If you need to drop off a medication, please contact Nurse Rose directly to schedule a time to meet with her. You can contact Nurse Rose at or at 469-752-4309.


The Health Services team supports a safe and healthy school environment. Please review the below critical information regarding student health & safety.

COVID Reporting

If you child tests positive for COVID, it is important that you notify Nurse Rose immediately at or 469-752-4309.


It is our hope that you will find an opportunity to get involved at Pearson. While there are a variety of ways to volunteer throughout the year, we would like to highlight an opportunity to serve on our SBIC (Site Based Improvement Committee).

The SBIC is a great way to become involved in school improvement plans for the campus. This is an advisory council composed of parents, staff, business and community members focused on improving student achievement. We will meet virtually in an online platform on three occasions throughout the year to discuss campus goals and progress toward goals.

If you are interested in serving on this committee or know a community or business member who would be interested, please complete the information below. In the event that interest generates more names than committee positions, a random drawing will be held to select membership for this committee. We will notify those who are selected to serve. Thank you for your consideration.

Safety & Security Practices at Pearson

Pearson ECS and Plano ISD have adopted use of the "I Love U Guys" Foundation's Standard Response Protocol (SRP). Student and staff will be training, practicing, and drilling the SRP protocols.
SRP Information for Parents

Click for Information

I Love U Guys Website and Resources

Click for link to website

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Student Safety is Our Top Priority

Click Here to See Enlarged Graphic

Upcoming Important School Events

Pearson PTA Presents: Popsicles in the Park

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Parent Orientation

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Meet the Teacher

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Coffee with the Principals

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We love our volunteers and appreciate all the hours and service you provide to make Pearson such a great place to be! The district's new volunteer management system, VOLY, is now open.

You are encouraged to go ahead and complete your volunteer application now so that you are ready to begin volunteering as soon as we open our volunteer programs! We have new and exciting opportunities for parents to be involved on campus this year.

Please remember that Volunteer Application, online orientation and criminal history check must be renewed at the beginning of each school year. Please be sure to complete your application early to beat the rush. This application must be approved before you can volunteer in any capacity on the campus. A link to submit your application is below.

Other Helpful Information

2022-2023 District Information

Links to additional back to school information including safety & security, district calendars, bus route information, student health forms, student & parent policy guides, food services, technology applications for the district and more can be found at

2022-2023 Academic Calendar

Plano ISD Board of Trustees and School Board approved the 2022-2023 academic calendar. You can access it here: 2022-2023 Plano ISD Academic Calendar

2022-2023 Voluntary Student Accident Insurance Coverage

The 2022-23 Voluntary Student Accident Insurance coverage is available for PISD parents to purchase through AXIS Insurance Company using the Enrollment Form available on the Student Insurance webpage at

Parents can access the following on the above webpage:

  • Coverage and premium options (premiums stated are a one-time annual payment)
  • Enrollment Form
  • Claim Form and instructions for filing a claim

For additional information, parents may contact Combined Benefits Group at 800-749-6458.

Back to School Resources

Pest Control

As part of an Integrated Pest Management program, Plano ISD has a policy that requires the use of non‐chemical pest control tactics whenever practical. However, pesticides may periodically be applied. The district applies only pest control products that comply with State and Federal guidelines. All persons performing Pest Management at this district are required to receive special training in current pest management practices and pesticide application. Except in an emergency, signs will be posted 48 hours before application.

Parents who want to be notified prior to pesticide application inside their child's school assignment area or who have further questions about pesticide use, including the types and timing of treatments, may


Manuel Rodriguez at

Facilities Services

(469)752-0180 or

FAX (469)752‐0181.

Service Animal Notification

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