Does this Make Me Look Bloated?

Will putting salt in the soil make the plant grow faster?

The Hypothesis

The actual experiment is if you put salt in soil, will that make the plant grow faster? My hypothesis is no, it won't grow any faster.

Designing the Experiment!

To start off this experiment, you will need three flower pots. You will put the same amount of soil in each pot and put the same type of seed in all three pots. You will give it the proper amount of light and water each day. The only thing you will being doing different is the amount of salt you put in the soil.

Testing your Hypothesis!

So for pot A, you will put no salt in the soil. For pot B, you will put 50 grams of salt in the soil. and finally for pot C, you will put 100 grams of salt in the soil. You are doing this because we are testing to see if the salt improves the plant or kills it.

The results: Pot A stayed heathly and grew normally. Pot B barely grew and the plant looked dry. Pot C the plant died.

The Conclusion!

My hypothesis was correct! If you put salt in your soil, the plant will die!


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