The City of Bones

By: Cassandra Clare

Book review by Mya Geth

Demons, Vampires, werewolves, and the people that hunt them were just In books to Clary Fray. One night Clary and her best friend Simon are at a teen club where clary witnesses a murder that no one can see. Simon and everybody else at the club thinks she is crazy but she knows what she saw. The very next day she sees the same boy that committed the murder last night and she's the only one that can see him. She meets him in the alley and he tell her that he is a shadowhunter that hunts evil creatures and she is one to. At that moment Clary was thrust into a world she wasn't ready for. The main characters in this book are Clary, Simon, and Jace. Clary is an ordinary girl just figuring out that she's not actually ordinary. Simon is Clary's best friend since diaper days and follows clary everywhere that she goes. Jace is the best young shadowhunter that there is and very self righteous. Clary and Jace eventually have to go on a journey to save Clary's mom and Clary has to step up and learn to be a shadowhunter in order to save her mom. Simon tags along but is more an annoyance than help. Personally my favorite character was Jace because he was very sarcastic funny . He also had a sweet side that only Clary got to see. I could understand how Simon was feeling towards Clary. I know how it feels to be friend zoned.

In my opinion this is the best book I have ever read. It has all the right ingredients to make a great book. The book has teen romance, action, sci-fi, and, betrayal. My favorite part of the book was when clary found out her special talent and ended up saving everybody. If you're a very sentimental person like me that'll make you sort of tear up and make you feel proud. However the secret that you found out a the end of the book is going to make you very disgusted and I hate that part of the book. If I could change anything in the book I would change the ending. It would still be some huge secret I just wish it was something that wasn't as disgusting as the real secret. Overall, this book is extremely awesome and so are the other books following it. I think everybody should get a chance to experience this amazing book.

Cassandra Clare

Author of the Mortal Instruments Series
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