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Happenings In Panther Nation - December 2018

Panther Pride

During the Thanksgiving break, Marla and I traveled to South Texas to visit family. While we were there, I was able to go on a quail hunt. Although I love to hunt, I was amazed watching the quail dogs work. In quail hunting, two dogs have different responsibilities. The pointer will move around the area working to smell the quail and will become still and appear to be pointing at the where the birds are hiding in the cover. The second dog is called a flusher and will move into the area the pointer is looking and cause the quail to fly up.

As we walked and watched the pointer work, our heart rate would increase, and we would increase our pace when the dog would slow down and begin to look like it was going to point. Our focus intensified and we would hope that the pointer would become still and be on birds. This hope kept us excited and pushed us to continue the hunt until sundown.

I started thinking about the hope we had during the hunt and realized that we have the charge to provide hope for those that are around us. As we go through our day, we have the opportunity to be a dealer of hope or an energy vampire.

A dealer of hope provides positive energy and causes those around them to believe that something exciting can happen at any moment. They bring a smile to your face and empower you to believe that you can tackle any challenge you face!

An energy vampire will suck the life out of you! They are the ones that you see, and you immediately turn and go into another room instead of talking to them because you know it will be negative. An energy vampire will focus on the one thing that is a struggle instead of the ten things that are fantastic.

It takes extra work to be a dealer of hope and to provide optimism to others consistently. It doesn’t take extra effort to be an energy vampire and gather the nearest five people and tell them every reason that something won’t work.

I encourage you to reflect during the holiday and determine if you have been a dealer of hope or an energy vampire during the 1st Semester. If you have been a dealer of hope, then determine how you can develop this attitude even more. If you have been an energy vampire, then commit to working on that and reducing the occurrences until you have removed it from your life.

Every interaction is powerful and can have a huge impact on those involved. Who knows, you may find that you need encouragement during the 2nd Semester. If so, do you want to interact with a dealer of hope or an energy vampire?


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School Board Update

During the December Board Meeting, the following items came before the School Board:

Christine Bedre, Lex Anne Royle, Tiffany Young, Renae Allen, and Jenna Jenkins presented an update on the pilot classrooms with innovative furniture. They discussed the advantages and challenges that they have faced during the 1st Semester.

Christine Bedre presented the PBMAS report and reviewed the goals that have been developed by a committee of district staff members.

Dr. Kyle Penn presented a finance update in which he reviewed the budget year to date and projected revenue and expenses.

Dr. Kyle Penn presented an overview of Here Comes the Bus, a bus tracking app. Dr. Penn highlighted the purpose of the app, different plans that are available, and the cost associated with the app. The District will continue to explore the various bus tracking services that are available.

Wade Stanford and the Board discussed the Facility Advisory Committee meeting that was held on November 13. The discussion centered on the positive feedback that was received from numerous community members that attended the meeting. The District will explore additional venues to communicate the possibility of a bond election in May.