Isabella and Ferdinand

By: Alex Abalos and Matthew Iommi

Important Ideas

  • Isabella married her cousin Ferdinand on October 19, 1469.
  • Isabella was the Queen of Castile and Ferdinand was the King of Aragon.
  • The pair was known as the Catholic King & Queen of Spain.
  • They controlled most of Spain and wanted all the people to follow Christianity.
  • managed to put an end to the Muslim domination of Granada. The victory which is known as the reconquest. This effort earned them the admiration of the Pope and the title "Catholic Kings".
  • Isabella I of Spain and her husband, Ferdinand of Aragon, are met with Christopher Columbus who was looking for someone to raise funds for his voyage to the New World.
  • For three decades, Isabella and Ferdinand ruled most of the land that makes up modern day Spain, uniting the kingdoms of Castile and Aragon through their marriage and expanding their territory into previously unknown continents.
  • Although they did not completely unify Spain, by the time of their deaths the country was on its way to becoming the most powerful in Europe.



Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand of Spain

Essential Questions

1. How does forcing people to change religion affect the people's loyalty to that religion?

2. How can a person's decision to lift and help another human being affect the course of human civilization?

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