Merton Primary School

Physical Education

What have we been doing this year?

We have been having so much fun this year! We began the year outside as our gym renovations were being completed. If you have not seen the gym you need to stop by and take a look! We are so fortunate to teach in this beautiful facility. We are all loving it! The kids have been involved in activities involving locomotor skills, throwing, catching, fitness, kicking, striking, dribbling, tumbling, and teamwork! Learning to problem solve in a group by communicating, listening and offering feedback is a big part of our focus.

Ask your kids about components of fitness! We have been learning all about cardio fitness that has to do with our heart and activities related to this. We also have been learning about muscular strength and participating in a variety of activities that involve strengthening our core, arms, legs, shoulders and back. Each skill we learn we teach the kids several cue words (helping words) to help us be more successful.

Cross Country skiing has been a hit! We will pull the skis out again over the next few weeks. The kids had a blast learning how to use them and feeling the fantastic cardio effects of this heart healthy sport.

PE is Powerful Education!

Jump Rope for Heart February 18th

Come volunteer during your kids classes! Click on this link to volunteer!!1383470/false/false

What an exciting event this is for us! We have consistently been in the top 3 schools for the state raising over $23,000 for the American Heart Association last year! Our kids are passionate about this event and are learning the importance of good heart health. Look for paperwork coming home with your kids for details. Please have them fill out the blue sheet and return (the "why" sheet). You DO NOT need to send in the permission slip for the event as it is part of our curriculum. If you are choosing to collect money for the American Heart Association the envelopes must be turned in to their classroom teacher by February 29th. This envelope MUST be turned in even if you are raising all of your money online. Look for dogs this year instead of ducks!