Substances: Depressants

Does someone your know suffer from the use of Depressants

What is the disorder?

Depressants slow down the nervous system. In moderate doses people become relaxed and sleepy. Concentration, impaired thinking, judgement, and motor skills are all reduced. In heavy doses they can even lead to death.

The symptoms of dependence on depressant drugs

  • A craving for the drug, often with unsuccessful attempts to cut down on its use
  • Physical dependence (development of physical withdrawal symptoms when a person stops taking the depressant)
  • A continued need to take the drug despite drug-related psychological, interpersonal or physical problems

Depressants are used to treat anxiety, acute stress and panic attacks. They affect neurotransmitters, which provide communication back and forth between brain cells. A calming effect and drowsiness can benefit those suffering from certain disorders. However, a potential for abuse and addiction is highly possible.

Treatment Options

Treatments first goal is to detox the patient.

  • Drug abuse is not an isolate disorder.
  • Most commonly the individuals are struggling with some mental disorder such as anxiety or depression.
  • A comprehensive evaluation is needed in order to figure out whats fueling the drug addiction.

The withdrawal from this substance can be problematic. Those who are highly addicted should not stop taking them on their own. Cognitive behavioral therapy has been know to help individuals adapt to discontinuing use of depressants.
Recovery from addiction means dealing with difficulties that may strike different aspects of your life. In order to recover from drug addiction, you’ll need the help of trained mental health experts. Discover the quality of care that will be a vital part of your successful recovery.

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