Carl Ben Eielson

By Frank Holzhey


  • Ben was an American aviator born in 1897
  • His parents were Norwegian immigrants
  • He was raised in Hatton, North Dakota
  • At a young age he went into the military to fight in WWI
  • He was in the Army Air service because of his love for flying
  • A month or so before he went to France on deployment the war ended
  • He got his Lieutenant bars and was discharged the same day
  • He enrolled in law school in 1921
  • He went to present day Georgetown University.
  • He worked as a part-time police officer at the capitol.


  • In the time he spent in Washington he befriended with an Alaskan representative in congress
  • He was offered a job at a high school in Fairbanks, Alaska
  • He then started to fly a plane to and from the northern area with mail and supplies
  • His company got a contract to fly mail to fairbanks, but after a crash the contract was terminated
  • After the crash he went back to the military and was stationed at Langley Field, Virginia

Flying career

  • Known as the 'Father of Aviation'
  • He Piloted the first airmail rout in 1924
  • He later became friends with Captain George Hubert Wilkins
  • The two flew over the North Pole.
  • The North Pole trip was a total of 2,200 miles.
  • Carl later accompanied Wilkins to a few Antarctic routes as well.
Carl Ben Eielson

Late life & Legacy

  • He died in 1929.
  • He died trying to rescue both crew and cargo of a ship named The Nanuk
  • His body was found in 1930 and was buried in Hatton ND.
  • Has an Airbase, Ship, and visitor center name after him.
  • There is a museum, Hatton-Eielson Museum, in Hatton ND dedicated to him.
  • The museum was Carl's childhood home.
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Few Facts about his home

  • Is now a museum
  • Was built in 1900
  • Located along highway 18
  • Was his Childhood home.
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