Monsters are Due on Maple Street

By: Gwenith Lee and Mikayla Marie

Similarities and Differences


  • In both movies the power goes out , and nothing works at all.
  • In Both movies a guy gets hurt and get hit on the head and his head starts bleeding.
  • I both movies only one car works.


  • In the first movie someone got shot but in the second movie, someone was only threatened to be shot.
  • The young boy had a mother in the first movie, but in the second, he had a father.
  • in the second movie they set someone's house on fire, but in the first one they didn't do anything to anyone's houses.

About The Author

ROD SERLING (creator) has won the most Emmy awards for dramatic writing in the history of television. He wrote over seventy-five episodes of the Twilight Zone series. He was also the shows host and narrator.

Rod Serling

fantasy or science fiction?!

This movie, The monsters are due on Maple street, is science fiction. This movie is science fiction, because it has aliens in the first one. Also because this mysterious meteor that had flown overhead is, indeed, an alien spaceship. Its inhabitants, two alien observers, are watching the riot on Maple Street while using a device to manipulate the neighborhood's power.