Lanham Lowdown

4th Grade News

January 15, 2016

Important Dates

Spelling Test

Friday, January 22nd

From the Health Office:

Winter is the time when many students do not drink as much water as they do when it is warm…which results in many chapped lips! Please send some chapstick in with your child so he/she can keep their lips moist during the day. Also, please continue to send water bottles as drinking plenty of water is just as important in the winter. Thank you!

Young Authors Update

​Young Authors is in full swing for the year. Completed books are due to your child’s school no later than Friday, February 26th. Judging by community volunteers will take place the following week. Winning students who will represent Community District 158 at the Young Authors Conference will be notified prior to spring break. Below, please find guidelines for book submission, along with some general judging criteria. Please let your grade level representative know of any additional questions you may have.

Click HERE Guidelines & Judging Criteria.

Click HERE for sample writing frameworks.

Mrs. Christy Gibbs K-2 ( 847-659-5858)

Mrs. Laura Brummer 3-5 ( 847-659-3543)

Mrs. Tammy Carpenter 6-8 ( 847-659-4440)

Yearbook ordering reminder

Yearbooks can be ordered ONLINE ONLY with the Yearbook ID Code : 10091016

Yearbooks are $15 again this year and will be on sale at least through January.


By: Joshua

This week we built a car that we put an egg in, and we had to shield an egg going down a ramp. We added gears and all kinds of things.Each group had a different design.My car went down the ramp and the egg was shielded, and it didn’t crack not one mm.And I feel happy,because I wanted to do that,and it was fun.


By: Brandon

This week in literacy we read a book called My Brother Martin.This story was about Martin Luther King Jr’s life.He wanted to turn the world upside down to make the world fair for everyone.He also wanted people to not have to go to different schools and have to give up your seat to a white people on the bus if they wanted to sit there. We also are reading this book called Night of the Twisters. I think it is interesting because their mom goes to check on someone in their neighborhood and the two boys are left home by themselves and they hear the tornado siren go off so quickly they go and get there brother from his room. I think we might finish the book soon.


By: Jaylen

My class and I are doing dancing in gym. We learned lots of dances. A Lot of them were country dances. It is so fun. i love dancing. In music we are learning how to play notes on recorders.

I like playing notes. At art we make lots of projects. We also learn a lot. I like to make pictures for people.


By: Damien

During math throughout the week we learned Division and Partial Quotients. Partial Quotients is a little different.One part was easy ,but we took the long way.At least least we learned something.