Whats a test score to gender?

The analysis for the difference in test scores among people

the differences in test scores of genders.

  • The gender difference changes between countries
  • A recent study shows that girls in general score higher on tests than boys
  • Yet boys tend to specialize in high math, and low reading, while girls tend to specialize in low math, and high reading.
  • It is shown that the difference in test scores very through out all different countries yet there are no constants to lead a conclusion that one gender truly out ranks the other in academic prowess.

does race or ethnic group effect test scores.

  • it is shown that there is a growing gap between the average test scores of African Americans and European Americans through out america.
  • European Americans score higher on English math and science as well as history.
  • In a source from Princeton university it was found that "tests performed in the US have consistently demonstrated a significant degree of variation between different racial groups, with the average score of the African American population being significantly lower—and that of the Asian American population being higher—than that of the White American population."
  • All in all it is shown that, unlike gender there is a prominent gap in scoring averages through different races and ethnic groups. This gap may be correlated with the normal living environment differences normally associated through the different house holds of different races.