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Kutz Elementary School's Bimonthly Newsletter

June 30, 2016

Quick Notes!!!

The following are quick reminders and/or deadlines for upcoming events:

  • Thursday, August 25th - AM Kindergarten Orientation - 1PM
  • Thursday, August 25th - PM Kindergarten Orientation - 2PM
  • Tuesday, August 30th - Summer Meet, Greet & Drop Off Supplies - 2-3PM
  • Wednesday, August 31st - First Day of School for Students
  • Tuesday, September 6th - Back to School Night - Grades 4-6 - 6:30PM
  • Wednesday, September 7th - Back to School Night - Grades K-3 - 6:30PM
  • Kutz H&S Association Newsletter

2016-2017 Placement

Students visited their new classrooms on Move Up Day. It was an exciting day for students to meet their new teachers and see their new classmates.

Please remember that much time and attention goes into creating well-balanced class groupings that consider the social, academic, and emotional needs of our students, as well as any input which is shared by parents on the Class Placement Input Form sent out earlier this year. We ask all parents to respect the amount of hard work and thought that the principal, school counselor, reading specialists, classroom teachers, and special education teachers put into this process and not request changes to your child’s placement.

Moving even one child from a class could upset the balance of a classroom, and have an impact that extends far beyond your child. Your son may not have gotten his “first” choice of teacher. Your daughter may not be with all of her friends from last year. You may be disappointed because you’ve heard through the grapevine that Mr. “A” isn’t as “warm and fuzzy” as Mrs. “B”. All of our teachers are caring, capable, and highly-qualified educators. Our job as adults is to support students and to help them develop confidence and a positive outlook as they begin the new school year, encouraging them to look forward to the challenges and excitement that accompany making new friends and getting to know a new teacher.

Thank you for your cooperation in not requesting changes and for your understanding, trust, and support.

In search of Homeroom Parents for the school year 2016-2017

Would you like to be involved in the activities for your child’s classroom? We need homeroom parents to help coordinate the classroom parties.

If you would like to be a homeroom parent for your child’s classroom this upcoming school year please submit your information to Stephanie Charran at

Please include your name, your child’s name and your teacher’s name for the fall.


A Summer Reading Challenge

Research has shown that children who read at home over the summer do far better in school than those who do not. In order to promote at home reading, Kutz Elementary School is sponsoring a summer reading incentive for current grades K-5. Our theme is “Rock Out with a Good Book!

Here is our challenge:

Grades K-2 Challenge

1. Read and record 10 books on your book log

2. Fill out one book recommendation on the book log

Grade 3-5 Challenge

1. Read and record 4 books on your book log

2. Fill out one book recommendation on your book log

The grade level that has the highest percentage of book logs completed and returned in September will participate in an Outdoor Reading Party! We hope our incentive will help make reading fun for your child. Please send pictures of your child “Rocking Out” with a good book to, so it can be displayed on a bulletin board. Thank you in advance for helping our Kutz students Rock Out With a Good Book this summer!

Thanks for your support,

Kutz Literacy Team

School Supply Kits

All kits will be available in your child's respective classroom during School Supply Drop Off Day on Aug 30th. If you have any additional questions, please reach out to Rachel Moore - OR 832-423-7507.

If you didn't order, the supply lists are on the teacher websites.

2016-2017 Kindergarten Registration

The 2016-17 Kindergarten Registration began on October 26th. For Kindergarten registration information and paperwork, please check out the CBSD website.

School Board Briefs - June 14, 2016

At the June 14, 2016 School Board meeting the Central Bucks School District School
  • Approved the minutes of the May 24, 2016 School Board meeting.
  • Heard the Superintendent’s Report: Central Bucks Art Department
  • Received the Communications Committee, Curriculum Committee, Finance Committee, Operations Committee, Policy Committee notes, and the BCIU Board and MBIT Executive Council minutes.
  • Approved the May 31, 2016 and June 9, 2016 General Fund check disbursements; the June 2, 2016 Capital Fund check disbursements; and the May 31, 2016 Food Service check disbursements.
  • Approved the 2016-2-017 Budget Resolutions: (the resolution to adopt the Final Budget for 2016-2017 in the amount of $318,775,592; the resolution setting the homestead and farmstead real estate tax assessment reduction in the amount of 1,610 which equates to a tax bill discount of $199.80 after applying a millage rate of 124.1 mills; and the tax levy resolution with the real estate tax millage rate at 124.1 mills (a 0.00% increase), keeping the earned income tax rate at 1%, and maintaining the electric utility real estate tax.
  • Approved the contract with Aramark Educational Services, LLC to provide food service operations.
  • Approved the contract to Little Tikes for new playground equipment at Linden Elementary School and Warwick Elementary School in the amount of $91,548.25. This equipment is available on the NJPA contract.
  • Approved a contract to Republic Services/BFI for trash removal services in the amount of $184,532.69 for the 2016-2017 school year with the option of renewing each year through 2020-2021.
  • Approved for 1st Read School Board Policy 137 – Home Education Program, School Board Policy 217 – Graduation Requirements, School Board Policy 626 – Federal Fiscal compliance, School Board Policy 626.1 – Travel Reimbursement – Federal Programs, School Board Policy 808 – Food services, and School Board Policy 827 – Conflict of Interest. These proposed policies will be posted on the CBSD website for public review.
  • Approved School Board Policy 116 – Tutorial Instruction and School Board Policy 127 – Assessment System.
  • Approved various personnel items, foreign exchange students, tuition students, student trips, and staff conferences/workshops.