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Can you believe we learned our third vowel?!

I make an "E" sound

This week we learned the hebrew known as a "chirik". The vowel makes an "e" sound. For example, the sound that is created by the letter "e" in the the word key. Like our other 2 vowels it is found underneath the letter. Here are the ways I teach the kids to remember its sound. It's one dot so it's so "E"asy to remember. Also, it looks like a single pea.

Sometimes this vowel is followed by the letter י (yud). Despite the addition of the י (yud) we still say only "e".

Happy Birthday to the Trees!

In Judaics, we learned about Tu B'shevat. This holiday takes place on the 15th of Shevat, hence the name. It is the birthday of the trees and a celebration of the first winter blooms in Israel. There are several customs that the kids learned that we do on Tu B'shevat. Here they are:

1.) Plant a tree here or in Israel

2.) Eat from the 7 species (Shevat Minim)

3.) Try a new fruit.

We choose to celebrate by eating from the Shevat Minim. They tried dates, pomegranates, figs, grapes, olives, wheat in the form of kedem crackers, and barley in the form of nut free granola.

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Tu B'shevat Mini Book

In addition, your child also created a mini-book, to describe the holiday. I think they had as much fun making the book as they did eating the food.

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