No Teacher Left Behind

Providing Consistent Learning Opportunities For All

Universal Education System

As a nation in order to provide consistent learning opportunities for teachers we must create a universal education system. Within that system we must have a universal curriculum that every school must follow. In addition to a universal curriculum we could mimics Khans theory and provide professional development by having all teachers watch videos at home. The videos will consist of our nations best educators giving lectures on the curriculum as well as practices and techniques that guarantee success in the classroom. The state would be responsible for providing state wide conferences where all teachers can go to discuss and gain more insight on these lectures from there peers.

Universal Teaching Practices

Teachers should have universal teaching practices, practices such as:

* Technology ready classrooms: whiteboards, projectors and computers.

* Balanced classroom curriculum: all teachers should have a balanced focus on all subjects including the arts.

* Open communication: individual and group conferences with students.

* Active participant lessons: all teachers should have lessons that require active participation from all students

Universal Teacher Standards

All ll teachers should be able to meet a certain standard. The job of a teacher is to prepare students to be successful in our global economy. There evaluation should be based on the performance of their students. If 75% of their students fail state wide exams that means the teacher has failed to meet the standards. All teachers should also be able to meet a certain level in areas of such communication and classroom organizational skills.


On a nation wide level I do not think that teachers are being properly prepared to master the NETS-T standards in their classroom. There are many underdeveloped states and cities that are not meeting certain technological standards. In order to prepare our teachers all states must be able to provide the resources necessary to meet these standards, unfortunately many states do not have the proper funding. We must establish a budget to aide states that do not have the funds to ensure these technological standards are met.

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