Wilhelm Frick

A nazi who was a defendant in the Nuremberg trials.

His time during the war

He was a minister of the interior. He signed laws that abolished opposition parties. The laws made it so that the nazis could kill the Jews and take away their rights. Also, people were dying under his supervision and he did nothing about it.

His punishment

Frick was one of the few that was hanged on October 16, 1946. He said " hanging - I didn't expect anything different... Well, I hope they get it over with fast." I think that the punishment fits the crime because he was involved with letting nazis kill Jews and supervising it.

What could have been done.

I think that all nazis that were convicted of crimes against humanity should have to see exactly what they did to those people, not have to go through it, just see what they did. Then thy can realize how bad it is when someone is telling them that it is bad. Then they can be hanged.