Neuse River Basin

Wanna find out what a river basin is read to find out!!!!

Facts about this interesting basin.

In the 1990 there was floods, blooms of algae, toxic waste this killed a lot of fishes and other living things in this river basin. This river basin is about 6,235 square miles and it's population is 1,320,279 (2000 U.S Census). This river basin is about 2 million years old and still growing.One old River Basin!!!!

What Kind Of Animals There Is In Neuse.

White bass is the common in the Neuse River Basin and also they have WaterDogs that are rare and endangered species. The North Carolina is called the salamander state because it has the most amphibians out of any state in the country.

The Waterdog

There is one type of salamander in the basin and it is the Waterdog, it is typically a dull brown or grey color with spots similar to those seen else where. The Waterdogs habitat they live in streams and rivers there more active during the fall and spring.
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This is a map view of the Neuse River Basin

Activitiy's at Neuse River Basin

Hiking and biking is very common at the Neuse there's many places to bike and hike. Some people prefer to bike near community parks. The parks are around the river so you can bike around or near the river. Also you can paddle on a canoe on the river so that's a lot of fun. The more important thing to do, other than paddling a biking is enjoying the nature that the river has and the animals too.

Enviromental Education Centers

Did you know that you could go to college near the Neusa there's some community colleges and education centers so if you like this river you could go to college there and learn more about the environment and other things.

Towns And Cities

The Neuse Rivers towns and cities are close to the the county of Durham and Granville and you will be passing through wake near Johnston , Wayne , Lenoir and Craven. There are 17 major county's near the Neuse River Basin.

Water Features Near The Neuse River Basin

The primary water quality's near the Neuse River are sediment, organics, and nutrients. The Neuse River Basin is mostly covered with algal blooms, which have recently killed millions of fish.

What We Think Of This River Basin

The Neuse river Basin has very interesting quality's and I think it would be cool to go check out this river Basin. If you like nature then I think you should check out this river Basin because there are a lot of interesting things to do at this river. But if you do love this river then why would you pollute this river because there has been an outbreak of fish dying and that's nature so I think you should stop polluting this river and keep nature beautiful.


This report was made by Skylar Goins and Ally Barker. Class Blue and Ally #3 Skylar #9


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