Sacrifices For Love

Olivia Aasheim

Feathers From a Thousand Li Away

The parable, Feathers From a Thousand Li Away, was my favorite because of the symbolic and meaningful way it showed the sacrifices made by a mother for the betterment of her child's life and future. The woman described her journey coming to America with the purpose of giving her daughter a better life, comparing her to the swan saying, "She will know my meaning, because I will give her this swan-- a creature that became more than what was hoped for"(Tan 17). This quote reveals the mother's selflessness in the way she's willing to risk everything in order to give her daughter a chance at a more successful life.

Changing Identities

Thematic Statement

An overruling theme in The Joy Luck Club is that of the loss of one's identity. All of the mothers, who came to America originally from China, continuously share their struggle in trying to give their americanized children a Chinese identity saying, "I wanted my children to have the best combination: American circumstances and Chinese character. How could I know these these do not mix?" (Tan 254). And although their struggles may seem under appreciated, their daughters soon realize just how many sacrifices were made to get them in their current position. Their appreciation was described saying"Even thing i was young, i could see the pain of flesh and the worth of the pain"(Tan 48). Even though America is all the girls have ever known, towards the end of the book they are eventually able to connect back with their Chinese roots and find their true identities, even though they may have seemed Americanized beyond repair.