By: Ian, Sanam, Kaylee, and Blake

Driving Question:

How can we as meteorologist predict the weather?


The group members in this group were me, Ian, Kaylee, and Sanam. The driving question is how can we as meteorologist predict the weather. The purpose of this question is to see if you can build a instrument correctly. I learned how to share and work with others and how weather works. We learned to build our own barometer.


Our group made the barometer . The barometer measures air pressure. We got a jar, tape, straw, balloon, needle, paper, laminate. We cut the balloon and put it around the jar and secured it with a rubber band. Then taped the straw to the middle of the balloon then taped a needle at the other end. To measure it, we laminated paper and hot glued 2 pencils to the back. The purpose of gluing them was to put them in the ground to hold the chart up. When there is warm weather there is low air pressure. If there is cold weather, there is high air pressure. The straw goes down if there is warm weather and goes up if there is cold weather. We didn't have to make changes to the instrument but we did have to fix it. The pencils on the back broke.

Data Collection

My data collection sheet has a lot of changes in the air pressure. The needle was pointed at laminate with centimeters on it so it was measuring the air pressure that day. To make sure the data was it was correct are used both local weather station and are instrument data. We never had to change the barometer.

Weather Forecast

Our data each day was very similar, except for when the wind speeds were faster. Each weather variable helped explain the weather observation because each one causes another to rise or fall. They use that data by looking at the previous data to tell weather it is a high or low pressure system and that creates the next days air pressure.
Weather Video

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