The Mesopotamia Journal

By: Kate Heatzig and Jessy Siegel

Females Try to Beat the System

This past week the women in Babylon have been running a protest. These women have been complaining for a long time about the inequality for education. they have been protesting outside of King Hammurabi's palace about not being able to go to school to learn to read and write cuneiform. This has gone to far. We have found young girls forced by their parents to dress up like a boy to go to school. The priest have caught them and threw them into the river. This shows how strongly women want to educated.
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WIfe Auction

Want a wife? come to the famous wife auction on the 3rd day of Ishtar. This auction will take place in the Hammurabi theatre located in southern BabylonOne wife can start at 3 pieces of silver all the way to 10. SO come with plenty of silver to spend. Remember love is expensive.

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Queen has Died

Everyone is upset about this dramatic event. The Queen of Ur has died. All of her attendant respected her so much that they died with her. The attendants drank poison to die and wanted to serve her in the afterlife. This shows how loyal they were towards their monarchs.

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The Men are Taking Advantage

Many of the women here in Mesopotamia are distraught about the abuse of them. They feel that they should not have to sell their bodies to earn money. One female has killed her husband because he was taking advantage of her. She has gone against Hammurabi's codes and has been put in the river. She was guilty and drowned in the Euphrates river.

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Ulala is Coming to Town

The wonderful and amazing Ulala is coming to a city near you. Ulala is a harpist who has been playing music for a very long time. She has very famous work and is excited to play for you. So buy tickets soon at a store near you, Tickets start as low as two shekels.

Job Opening

Would you like to work with jewelry? Are you very precise and artistic? Well, Suman has opened a jewelry shop and is looking for some workers. COme by and meet Suman and apply for a job. Located in Uruk, Mesopotamia near the local ziggurat.

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New Ziggurat

In the city-state of Ur there is going to be a new ziggurat built. This is not just an ordinary ziggurat because a women is going to be a priest. This is extremely different because women are not allowed to go to school to be a priest or scribe. But this Lady is special, her father wanted to have his kids learn to read and write. SInce he was a former student and is know a scribe, he has taught her since early childhood o wto write and read cuneiform. She has succeeded greatly in education and is know ready to become Ur's first ever women priest.

Swimming Lessons?

Secretly this women named Pulolo Dutig has been teaching criminals how to swim. If these people know how to swim and get thrown into the river than they will not be guilty and drown. Even if they have committed the crime they will not die. Pulolo has taught these lesson in a secret river where these terrible people learn how to resist the gods sinking them. Since Pulolo has done this she has been put to death.

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Yesterday afternoon a women was walking back to her home on a camel and was stopped by bandits. They asked her for her things and she refused, later on the bandits striped her of all she had and took her camel as well. She was left in the dessert for about a day until someone came across her and brought back to shelter

Hanging Gardens

One of our kings, Nebuchadnezzar, has made a beautiful garden for his wife. this is not just an ordinary garden it i special because they hang from his palace. The reason he has done this is because his beautiful wife was homesick. she has been away from her birth city and where she is living now does not have the same qualities her home town had. So her husband has gathered plants and flowers to create gardens hanging from his castle to represent his love for her.

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