Cool Cat News

Principal Brief

January 11-15

Happy 2016! With a new year brings new goals- If you have ever tried to stick to a diet or exercise program regimen or save money, then you know how important it is to set goals. Without them, it's simply to easy to cut corners (what's one piece of pie?), procrastinate (I'll go to the gym tomorrow), or simply delude ourselves (I've still got checks left!). That's why workout trainers insist on trainees setting goals and tracking progress toward them. It's why financial experts tell people to set a budget and start small, paying off their smallest debts first. No one accidentally gets better at anything. It takes determination and work. Learning is no different. Students don't learn by osmosis. Every act of learning requires effort. The key message from Sean Cain is that every subject or class you teach should be guided by a learning objective and clarity about what you want students to learn. At the same time, learning objectives should be nested inside a larger goal, so students understand how accomplishing the objectives will get them a little closer to something they've determined they want to accomplish. Setting long-term goals and short-term objectives alone won't turn everyone into an NBA superstar, but without them, it's difficult to challenge and expect more of ourselves every day.

21 Day Snack Challenge- Wylie is participating in the Medical City Children's Hospital 21-Day Snack Challenge. We are also competing against Rockwall ISD to have the most families sign up and participate in the challenge. Briefly, the challenge is to replace unhealthy snacks with healthy ones. All staff members need to register for the 21 Day Snack Challenge on January 11 at Please encourage all your parents to sign up as well. For classes that have 100% participation there will be a special treat! Leo the Lion will be here on January 22 to kick off this program with the Cool Cats!

Upcoming Dates:

January 13- Faculty Meeting

January 14- Pops Choir performance at 1:45 pm and 7pm in the cafeteria.

January 15- Dessert Party with Mrs. Ballast at 12:30 for those students who received an award at the pep-rally. Third and fourth grade students can bring their lunch. School Board gifts are due.

January 16- NW2 grades due, Hartman Science Fair, Awards due to Mrs. Parker