First Ever TCTELA Chat !

Join #TCTELAchat as we talk literacy ed and our #txlege

Questions We'll Consider:

1. What do we want our legislators to understand about literacy education?

2. Bills have been filed to limit STAAR to those subjects mandated by federal assessment requirements, which means the elimination of STAAR writing. What are your thoughts about this possibility?

3. Bills have also been filed to continue the use of graduation committees as options for students who fail one or more EOC. Why is it important that students continue to have this alternative?

4. Governor Abbott has said that he would like to make funding for optional, high-quality Pre-K a priority this legislative session. What do students need for an effective Pre-K program?

5. If you’ve participated in a legislative action day before, what can you share about your experience? What aspects of your experience were most meaningful and effective?


Monday, Feb. 6th, 8pm

This is an online event.

Join moderators @donalynbooks @mrskissire and @mrskriese106 for a chat about what's on the agenda for the #txlege and our students.

Literacy Education Day

Join us at the Capitol on February 22 and make your voice heard!