Mrs. Gaston's News

January 20, 2015

3rd 9 weeks

The 3rd 9 weeks has officially begun. We hit the ground running today with new units in all subject areas.

Upcoming important dates:

State Sen. Wes Hayes is scheduled to visit Second grade on Jan. 30th

100th day of school- February 2nd

Late start-February 11th

Valentine's Day Party-February 13th

Night of Excellence- February 19th

Late start-March 11th

End of 3rd 9 weeks-March 25th

Curriculum Corner:


Our reading focus for the next two weeks will be RI 2.8: Describe how reasons support specific points the author makes in a text.

We will be reading non-fiction books and articles to identify the main idea and the supporting details.

Practice this at home with a non-fiction book or your child's guided reading book.

Guided Reading:

Your child meets with me multiple times a week in a guided reading group. They should have a bag with a guided reading book in it each night that they are expected to read with you. Please make sure they are reading this book with you each night. If your child has flashcards in their bag, please make sure you practice all flashcards with them each night.


This 9 weeks we will be studying letter writing and opinion writing. Your child will be expected to write an opinion piece that includes their opinion, at least 3 reasons to support their opinion, and a conclusion paragraph.

students must be able to write a letter that includes:






Have them practice at home in a writing journal.


We are finishing our review of arrays and repeated addition. We will be testing this standard on Thursday, January 22nd. We are beginning a new unit on addition and subtraction. We will be learning how to add and subtract with regrouping this 9 weeks.


We began our weather unit today by observing the weather outside. We will be tracking daily temperatures and discussing how we measure temperature. This week we will also be looking at types of precipitation and wind.

At home, point out the weather section in the paper to your child or show them the weather channel on TV.

**We would love to look at the weather section of the paper in class if you have any papers that you do not mind sending in.

**New spelling homework**

Today your child received a new spelling choice paper. There are 35 different choices your child may choose from each night. This will replace the spelling homework list from the previous two 9 weeks. If your child chooses something that cannot be turned in (write with sidewalk chalk) just write what choice they made in their agenda.

This weeks spelling words:


2. calling