May Newsletter

What's Happening in 5th Grade


We will be learning how to identify themes within fictional texts. Also, we will identify cause and effect relationships in both fiction and nonfiction texts. After these concepts, we will be reviewing various standards.


We have finished all standards that need to be taught in 5th grade. So, we will be reviewing various concepts to help with better understanding. We will be revisiting decimal operations, add/subtract fractions and mixed numbers, and compare/order fractions/decimals.

Social Studies

We will be taking a virtual field trip to the Yellowstone Natural Park. We will also be conducting research on the different regions, or specific states, in the United States.


We will finish learning about five (5) types of poetry. We will be learning how to properly use coordinating conjunctions and interjections. We will apply our understanding of coordinating conjunctions and interjections to then write a personal narrative.


We are wrapping up our final unit in Science for the 5th grade year, Light. After that, we will begin to review 4th grade science material, beginning with contributions made by individuals to the fields of electricity and our historical understanding of the sun - earth relationship.

May Birthdays

Sude 5/14, Jayden 5/22