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As more consumers buy online to beat the credit crunch, shoppers should follow this ten point guide to ensure they have a safe and secure shopping experience.

Research show that the credit crunch is giving rise to more and more consumers who are using online shopping sites for discounts on their shopping. As more shoppers go online, security becomes an increasingly important issue. Here's a valuable ten point security guide to help shoppers have a safe and secure shopping experience

Statistics show that growth and confidence in online shopping is growing rapidly, which is thought to be synonymous with the fact that many consumers have never been hit by an attack, simply because they've been lucky and not because they've been more aware of the threats of using online stores. As consumer confidence in the safety of online shopping rides high, experts warn that users and online retailers need to be alert to threats as criminals become more intelligent and their methods more sophisticated.

Ten point guide to use when shopping online:

Many aluminum cases for iPhone tend to be slim and durable, but they are assembled with multiple minuscule screws that cause them to get loose or snap.

In this article, we have brought to you an amazing collection of some aluminum cases for iPhone 5 that are manufactured without screws.

Let's discuss some new and stylish designs that avoid this problem by using a flexible frame that easily locks your iPhone into place.

The first design that you should know about is AL13, manufactured by KickStar. This bumper style case offers a solid protection that wraps around the edge of your gadget, leaving front and back unobstructed.

It is very simple to assemble this case. Just apply the films and slide the back frame off the bumper. The frame will easily glide along a track like a drawer.

Push in your iPhone and then slide the frame back into the place. And, you're done! The bumper case is fabricated from anodized aircraft grade aluminum and is available in various stunning colors including Blue, white, purple, gunmetal gray and fuchsia.

Another superlative case is Sesto Case for Apple iPhone 5. It is built to give premium feel to the users. The company states that they have created Sesto case for the users who find it hard to pull their gadgets out of their pockets with a cover on.

Hence, they offer you extremely slim and stylish case that fits your iPhone perfectly. You can easily slip in your phone back or take the cover off without any mess.

This is all because of the quality polymer used, which is further coated with automotive PPG coating, providing your phone a glamorous look and allowing you to carry it conveniently.

Then, let's bring to your notice the new Bravo Case that we think our readers would definitely appreciate. Tigra Sport claims, "It is the world's first fully shockproof and waterproof aluminum case for iPhone 5".

The new Bravo case offers you greater protection against water, dirt, dust, mud and snow at all times. In addition, it looks completely awesome and dazzling with iPhone 5.

Ergo, you must try out these solidly built cases, getting the best possible security for your iPhone 5. It would be better to visit a store rather than making an online purchase,

because the most important thing is your satisfaction that you can better achieve if the product is physically present in front of you.

security user experience