Robert Borden

by: Paige

Who is Robert Borden ?

Robert Borden was a Prime Minister during World War I. Robert's Father Andrew married Catherine Fuller. They had a son and a daughter. The daughter's name is Sophia Amelia, and she was born right before her mother's death. Three years later, Robert's Father married Eunice Jane.

What did Robert Borden do?

Robert Borden was the eighth Prime Minister of Canada from 1911-1920. Robert Borden's government also introduced the first federal income tax and the railway across Canada. Robert Borden was a lawyer, politician, and a Prime Minister. For a brief time, he was a teacher, but his career as a teacher ended in 1874. Robert Borden's birth date was the 26 of June 1854. Robert Borden died on the 10 of June 1937.