Tim Howard

When He Was Young

Tim Howard was born on March 6,1979. He was born in New Jersey and grew up their too. Tim was raised be his mother and his older brother without a lot of money.
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Growing Up With A Problem

Tim Howard grew up with torttes syndrome and OCD. Playing sports helped him calm down his ticks. He did not feel the urge to tick when he was playing sports.


Tim has two children with his wife Laura Howard. He still plays for Everton.

Tim's Career

Tim got drafted right out of high school to play for a semi pro soccer team. Tim then got scouted by a team called Everton F.C, also played for the United States team that went to the world cup. He had the most saves in one world cup game.
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Tim is saying that you have to work had to get what you want, and to work hard no madder what.


These are some of Tim Howard's best saves.
Tim Howard - The Monster - Best Saves - World Cup 2014 HD

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